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So I leave for Greece this week, and I'm hoping to enjoy the food but still eat fairly healthy. Does anyone have suggestions for stuff to try while I'm there? No allergies or diet restrictions, so anything goes!

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      Mar 16 at 08:12 PM

      There is a member here that lives in Greece. I hope she sees this and responds. Have a wonderful trip and please share some pictures when you return.

    • Post this in the support section with a title similiar to Im taking a vacation to Greece and looking for advice....she willl see it......Good luck!

    • Oh yay vacation!

      so, we have sooo much food

      1. a lot of international cuisine and gourmet that you can find anywhere. so that's your choice

      2. less chichi restaurants... taverns will have plainer food choices.
      grill meat platter is usually ok.
      grilled seafood platter also but there's some fried calamari in there usually.

      I also like tiny fried fish . yum.

      also it's lent now so a lot of Ladera which is like lentils, or chickpea soup, or Gigantes (giant white bean stew ) most with quite a bit of olive oil. really good with feta on the side ... if you can stay away from the bread !

      3. fast food in Greece is souvlaki/gyros... most healthy choice is ... adj for pita without oil, chicken skewer, tomato lettuce and yoghurt (instead of tzatziki or mayo based sauce)... calorie wise it's the lowest and it's tasty without being heavy in your stomach like a rock : ) the fries are usually terrible so it's easy to marginalize them... hahaha

      I ate at a place in Athens last time called "Mani Mani" which had really good reviews and good tastes with local ingredients.

    • I'll be back later. the boys are here to work

    • Oh greek salad is lovely. but I usually get " horta " if available... boiled greens (various.. chicory or other...whatever is local and fresh usually different stuff. just need salt and oil.
      oh. ask for no oil so you can add as much as you want because sometebd to be awfully heavy handed and I don't LOVE it.

    • pastitsio and mousaka I would just avoid at a restaurant the first is just pasta and meat sauce and bechamel and the second can be sooo oily and heavy if not home cooked

    • yummmm Jo!! thanx!!

      my brother already stated that we'll be havin lots of mussels and calamata as we are going the last week before the easter.
      cannot wait!!

      also i'll try to stay away from the sweets like my favourite-kadaifwink

    • OP you are so going to enjoy it!!wink

    • Thank you so much, both of you!

    • Oh octopus!!!