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Hey everyone, I'm 5'6ish and when I started trying to lose weight I was 202lb since then I've gone up to 211!!
I'm breastfeeding. So obviously I can't just drop my calories.. but I don't know what to do.. I'm so frustrated! My aim is to get to 130/135lb (before kids I was 115-120).... I drink enough water, I've cut out all soft drink, I've cut out all flavoured milks (they were like a food group to me lol!) I'm only making recipes from a weight loss program I've done before.... according to a calculator I found, to maintain my weight I need 2400kcal per day, 2100 to lose 1lb per week... I've even tried dropping it down a little more to see if I could get that to kick start some weight loss... nope!

Does anyone have any ideas that could be helpful?