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Mar 18 at 06:00 PM

activity calculation question

When i have multiple sources for activity monitoring should i have to delete one or more to just have one source? Sometimes i change sources throughout the day such as changing between Garmin and apple watches and having my iPhone with me some of the time and not others. It looks like it adds all sources together even when they are calculating the same data (ie. i have phone and watch with me on a walk or run.)

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      Mar 18 at 07:33 PM

      Good evening!

      They are double counting. We recommend turning off activity tracking in the MyPlate app. This will allow the app to sync only with your Apple Watch. To do this, please do the following:

      Tap the person icon located in the upper left corner of the app's home screen.
      Tap "App Preferences". Toggle the button next to "Track My Activity" to the off position.

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      Mar 19 at 12:02 AM

      Thank you for the response. I have turned off that function previously. My concern now is when i have more than one source for data throughout the day. An example would be if i carry my phone and have my Apple Watch on at the same time, or switch from my Apple Watch to my Garmin device. Each is picking up different data at some points and the same data at some points, but it is not possible to manage any of it other than deleting the whole dataset. The Apple Health app deals with this issue well, but I don't see how to force all activity data to just read that as a source. If i could do that then that app would manage all the data aggregation upstream of MyPlate.