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addicted to painkillers

i have chronic migraines and chronic neck and shoulder pain. im 18 and have been dealing with it for about 1 and 1/2 now. im prescribed endone and panadol forte and i crave them and cant function without them now. i need them for my pain but they're also ruining everything. i have no idea what to do anymore im so lost

    • @jdm_taco

      i live in a rural area of QLD australia so theres no big fancy hospitals with specialists around. i have an appointment with a nuerosurgeon on the 1st of May

    • ive had xrays and mris and they've come back saying my shoulder and neck are fine. ive had accupuncture, massages, chiropractor and none of it has worked

    • i take amitryptalin every evening to prevent migraines and it works pretty well. i have the migraines relatively under control. sometimes i have a week where they kick my ass but ive started to get them under control. its the chronic neck, shoulder and face pain thats really becoming the problem

    • Do some research on CBD oil !

    • i want to try it so badly but it illegal where i live

    • I recommend trying kratom! It is a member of the coffee family, and it partially binds to your opioid receptors, so it provides pain relief without being as addictive as opioid. You get some of the symptoms of withdrawal, but it's similar to coffee withdrawal, you don't kick like heroin.

      I have a degenerative joint illness that in all honesty would qualify for Vicodin, but I'm an addict in recovery who used IV heroin and cocaine, so pain killers are just not a good idea.

      I also recommend adding CBD oil twice a day (bluebird botanicals has great quality, and it's legal in all 50 states).

      If you honestly need them for pain, the kratom is going to help. I recommend therapy to help with the process, ask your doctor to stop the opioid scripts, buy the kratom ( sells very high quality product), take a week off of work, and kick. It's going to suck real bad, but you're going to feel so much better.

    • i wish i could use CBD but i cant as its illegal in australia. ive never heard about the other product before, i'll check it out. thank you

    • kratom is also illegal in australia so im kind of stuck for options

    • Talk to your doctor. You have to tell him your addiction symptoms and demand to get off the stuff. Don't let him put you on a replacement opioid. This won't get better without help .

    • @mynamesremi - I'm sorry you have this physical struggle in your young life right now. My bodybuilder grandson same age also has some pain issues doctors are trying to figure out but he is still committed to his workouts. I hope your pain is resolved soon but I'm encouraging you to not dream about CBD too much right now as still kinda experimental.