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New to this - 80 lbs to go

Hi All,

I'm 43yr old female @ 215 lbs. which is the heaviest weight in my life. I want to get lose 80 lbs to be healthier and live a longer life. Sedentary life. Spend 8hrs at a desk and not active at all. I also suffer with psoriatic arthritis which is another reason I would like to drop the weight to get it off my joints and lesson the inflammation. I am less than motivated and dont know where to start but desperately want to lose the weight. Any support and help is greatly appreciated.

thank you

    • So I started at age 54 and 220. I ate 1200, but I'm short and older, you can probably eat 1500. I had a lot of aches and pains and GERD.
      I started tracking and eliminated all grains, sugars, and starches. There are some trace sugars in dairy and veg but those were abt 12g. Kept gross carbs under 50. I dropped 75 lbs and feel great.

      The main thing is to only eat unprocessed food and eliminate sugar. Meat, fowl, fish, low sugar dairy (so nut milk not milk), a TON of green leafy and cruciferous vegetables. Healthy fat from butter, olive, flax, coconut and avocado oil and only unsweet fruit or 1/2c blackberries. Peanut butter, nuts, seeds, with in your carb limit.

      The weight fell off.

    • wow...that's awesome! how long did it take you? Did you exercise as well?

    • I did some walking, but in the past the scale would stall because the muscle inflammation from a lot of new exercise would keep the loss from showing up on the scale. I needed the scale to show a loss to keep me going. 50 lbs in 5.5 months, then 25 in 4.5 mo. I can walk 5-7 miles now without even noticing I did anything. I stay active and am planning on some strength training but worry about my back, which I've had trouble with before.

      Weight loss is about diet. Exercise is about health. Launching into both simultaneously I think is a mistake for a big goal. Move, but, "working out" doesn't really translate into a scale loss unless you're a young man.