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Any advice?

Hello! I'm 15 years old and I am 5'4. I really don't like my weight and even though I don't look overweight, I am very overweight according to my BMI and just by seeing my weight on the scale in general. I'm an endomorph with an apparently slow metabolism so I have my carbs, fat, and protein ratios set at 35% protein, 25% carbs, and 40% fat after doing some research and seeing that is apparently best for my body shape. I am hoping to lose about 60 or 70 pounds (it'll get my BMI to a healthy status) for my health and happiness, and I can try to exercise at least once every other day. I am currently at a calorie intake of 1,400 calories so I can burn calories easier. I have a TreadClimber and I have access to it as much as I'd like, so I will start to try to use it for an hour every other day, but I need some advice for my diet since what I eat is mostly controlled by my parents. For breakfast, I have some low calorie coconut oats which I put milk in and heat up to make oatmeal. For lunch, I'm going to start having salads and healthy veggie and meat wraps since they have those to choose at school instead of the normal school lunch every day. I can't control what I have for dinner, so I will make sure to eat a smaller portion because I know dinner shouldn't be my biggest meal, and once it's safer, I'm going to start walking outside in my neighborhood. Am I on the right track? Please leave me your advice and comments, I really need them!

    • Please advise your current weight.

    • Roughly 200 lbs. I do have a considerate amount of muscle, but still excess fat as well.

    • At 15 years old, you need to be consuming at least 1800 calories. This is vital to your long term health, because your body, your internal organs, and your brain are still developing. You CAN lose weight on that many calories. Cut out sugary drinks, desserts, and cut back on empty calories in bread, pasta, and rice. Be healthy and strong.

    • My tracker automatically chose 1,820 calories for me, and despite me wanting to go lower, my better judgement decided against it. I have no health problems because of my weight, but I definitely want to lose all the unnecessary weight I can. Thank you for your advice! I'll be sure to follow that, and I'll also work on improving my water intake, I can be a bit forgetful with that

    • Good judgement in your part! Stay away from fast food too.

    • Absolutely. I avoid fast food at all costs, and my parents respect that. Besides, we never eat fast food unless we have absolutely no choice, which is very rare

    • Hey I'm 14 and I have the same problem I'm 180 and I do swim but I can't seem to lose weight and I try to eat healthy but it just doesn't seem to be working very well any advice?

    • I'd suggest talking to your doctor about it. I'm going to be asking mine this Friday during my appointment scheduled then. I've just been making a strong attempt to eat more fruits and veggies and I've been drinking more water, my only problem is planned exercise, so that one thing I'm focused on asking and working on because I'm hoping exercise will help me to finally shed the weight that I'm desperately hoping to lose. So your doctor is your best option, they know a lot and will be able to give you yhe best advice.