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Mar 20 at 09:32 PM

accountability post

I am disappointed with my prioritization of time which has been affecting my ability to eat at proper time intervals. I feel like I spend all my time making sure everyone else is fed (husband and kids) and because I need to eat a bit differently I have been finding myself skipping feeding myself saying I will make the meal afterwards and then don't. Now this would happen before, but it feels worse now because I am so full from all the fats and protein and veggies I do manage to eat, I have actually been forgetting to eat. (I can't believe I actually just said that....)

I have been finding I am left with a large number of calories left at the end of the day. It's not healthy. I really need to cut some things from my life so I can eat somewhat on a regular schedule.

I am still keeping on track though it although I was disappointed to see my sugars at 45 g today. I had a couple of strawberries and half of a medium apple and a kind bar. I guess I am in a way still caving to a bit of sugar here and there but it is a far cry from what I was eating before and I feel in-control.

My net carbs ended up being about 76.

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      Mar 20 at 09:33 PM


    • Try meal prepping in your spare time , that way you always have a meal ready and aren't depriving yourself butting everyone else first. To lose weight you must eat . Not starve yourself or go without meals , it's only ruining your metabolism by not eating .

    • I know that routine! So to fix it, I eat while I'm cooking for them instead of after. I buy a rotisserie chicken every weekend and that way grabbing my 3-6 oz of chicken (or sardines or anchovies) to go with veg or on a salad is super fast, or I make an omelette right when I start their dinner and eat that during the chaos. If they're having something where I can just skip the starch, I eat with them, but if not I try to do it during the prep period. It's a bit unsatisfying because you're not sitting down for your meal, but then I start cleanup while they eat and that saves time.

      The problem with forgetting to eat, or delaying it is that you get over-hungry and then choose less than ideal food, usually with sugar or starchy carbs.