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High cholesterol

hey there so I'm 24 and roughly 170lbs. I really want to be 120 by July 18th I'm going to a festival and really want to be able to dress how I want without feeling gross. I also have high cholesterol and low blood pressure and I just wanted to get a few pointers and maybe some meal options? I know to work out and to eat healthy but if anyone can provide details of would be so appreciated. thank you.

    • Your goal is a little unrealistic. Healthy weight loss for you is going to be around 1 pound a week.

      Limit the amount of processed foods, junk and added sugar you eat each day. Get plenty of cardio and starting strength training program like new rules of lifting for women or strong curves.

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      Mar 21 at 06:33 PM

      Try Keto

    • As someone who used to have a similar attitude as you , I don't think that weight is your problem . Sure eating healthier and monitoring your intake is never a bad thing but honestly just work on some self love !!
      Your goal is that of a healthy 14 year old , and I really don't think you need to be at such a low weight to look good as I'm sure you look great already !!

    • Stop eating processed foods, junk and added sugar. In general terms that means if it comes in a box, bag or package you should not be eating it. Exceptions to that, or things like frozen vegetables, dried beans, etc. learn to read the labels of the food you eat. If you can't pronounce the word or you don't know what it is, then you probably should not be eating it.

      Find a form of cardio you enjoy doing. Ride a bike, swim, brisk walking, etc.

    • When you clean up your diet, your cholesterol levels should improve. High cholesterol can have a genetic link so you'll need to make sure that yours is not genetically elevated.

    • thank you for all these comments!!! I will say I do struggle with my mind state and self love for sure. It is also something Ive been working on. And no Im the only one in my family with it. Its so strange. But I have worked out a work out routine with my nutritionist that I start Monday.