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Back Away from Toxic Posts

I'm trying really hard not to respond to posts that upset me. I'm having to count to 10, bite my tongue, take a deep breath, etc. It doesn't do any good to respond in frustration. It doesn't do any good to give advice to people who don't really want to hear it. It only escalates things to try to convince someone. And there's no way to deliver a slap via the internet. (Joke.)

Whew, I'm better now. Sort of.

    • I definitely feel you. I have to be super selective on posts I comment on because I know I'm going to come of as harsh. And a lot of times I have to take breaks from the message boards because I just cannot deal with the amount of unhealthy/ignorant posts. I love helping people that WANT to be helped. A bunch of times I type out what I REALLY want to say and then just never actually hit post. Relieves my frustration haha

    • I agree with you 100% and I probably did not do well with that yesterday either. I have to remind myself every day to walk away from these teenagers. I'm doing better at it today than I did last year or the year before. It is a conscious decision I have to make every day.

      Boomer, thank you for being here and participating because you are a great addition to this family.

    • I agree with you........I try and stay out of certain threads here, but as a dad its very hard for me sometimes......The worst part is when people as for help, then dismiss it until they hear what they want to hear..............a couple of months ago I considered deleting this app and its still in the back of my brain sometimes, but I tend to stick around, wanting to try and help others if I can, just like I was helped, a pay it forward kind of a thing smile.

      The result from that one scenerio wasnt surprising at all, there was no reasoning with that person.

    • She admitted on another post later on to some "other issues".

    • Thanks, johnson. I'm just at a point in my life where I don't want the drama. And there's so much drama! I have also thought about deleting the app, but my tracking is important to me. If I could just stay off the community boards...

    • I help when I feel like it. And there are definitely a lot of concerning posts. But my approach is to not get too personally invested in trying to help people who aren't receptive to help. Some are, and that's great.

      I choose to stay because of the great community of friends we've built here. I can choose how to react to the rest. But the truth is, I wouldn't want to lose all the good things we have here.

    • I think she got former membered

    • That's a good thing. I hope she gets help, because she needs it.

    • I'm so happy your all still here I got loads of help when I started I just don't comment has much has I used too

    • Yeah, I'm skipping those mostly. The guy who said we were "liars" for saying a healthy weight is a healthy weight, keto is 6 weeks max, and he's a cardio-pulmonary expert...not a fan.

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      Mar 22 at 07:10 PM

      Well I'm glad that y'all are still here and I really really appreciate all of the suggestions, advice and support I received. Its helped me so much.

      As for the... ummm... other posts by mostly teens ... I have mainly just been bumping up the Awesome Posts by Spoink, Song, and a couple of others instead of writing what I am really thinking. As a mother of two adult children, I wish I could get some of the teenagers to listen.

    • Dagny.....Lol