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Any advice on full body weight loss with mostly dieting?

Hi, it's my first time using this message feature, hope I don't do it wrong sorry if I do!
I'm 17, 5'8+1/2 and just weighed in at 180lbs.
I'm really freaked out because I haven't weighed myself in months because I was realizing I was starting to diet dangerously (600 cals a day for a few months) and develop an eating disorder and I kind of overcompensated by eating whatever I wanted to prove to myself I have the control so I haven't realized... how much weight I've gained. If that makes sense?
Basically, I just want to lose weight at a healthy rate. I'm in theatre and an intense college prep high school so I don't have any time to work out. Musical theatre usually counts as my workout with all the dancing, or so I told myself...
I'm trying to figure out ways to reasonably diet and lose weight at a satisfying pace while being unable to actually exercise how I want to. Any tips? Sorry for a long post...

TLDR: I'm busy with no time for regular exercise-anyone have any tips for a beginner to healthy dieting for weight loss?