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Help ya person out plz ??

I'm 15
I weigh 159.5 right now and I'm trying really hard to lose weight. I'm only in taking 800 calories per day. I'm in my schools color guard and I want to lose weight for our uniforms bc they are tight and high ur body I love my body is just feel like I should lose some weight

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      Mar 25 at 09:40 AM

      Hello there,
      800 calories per day will be difficult for you to maintain.
      Will also cause you to binge eat.
      Will damage your skin by causing a stretch mark.

      I will suggest you start with 1200 cal per day, start drinking a of water.

      Good luck!

    • Teenagers must eat a minimum of 1800 calories a day to fuel development of body and mind. 800 calories a day is less than a toddler eats and will damage your long term health. Read some of the very valuable posts for teens.

    • For reference I'm 18, 411 and 140. If you love your body, do not let a uniform discourage you. Eating 800 calories a day will ruin your metabolism so it will take you longer to lose weight and will continuously harm your body. I personally recommend not drinking sugary beverages and junk food because that's when the fat gain happens. Protein is key to weight loss for me. What worked for me may not work for you but as many others have stated in other comment threads, cutting out junk is the best thing for your body. Of course it's okay to have a non-healthy food just don't make it a regular thing. Also know that your body is still growing and teens need about 1,800 calories daily.