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tips for running a 10 min mile

i'm 15, 5'2, 135 lbs. my mile time is usually just under 15 mins, sadly, and the problem i have is with my stamina. although my legs aren't tired, i have problems with breathing and also keeping a pace. another problem i have is getting "water cramps" where it hurts after i've drank water when running.

i have a final exam for gym next week that requires me to run a 10 min mile for an A, so any tips would be appreciated!

    • Awesome that you're out there running! If you are a novice runner, it is best to start out in small increments. Try to run for 1 minute, walk for1 minute. Do this for 15 minutes the first day, then 25 the next day, etc until your workout is up to an hour. It's important to stretch each time you run to avoid injury. Another tip is to go to a running store and get fitted for good shoes! I can't stress this enough! Good luck!

    • You are going to have a hard time cutting your time down that much in a week unless you were really taking it easy. Your heart is a muscle and can be trained to be stronger and more efficient allowing you to run faster but that takes months of work. If you wanted bigger biceps or to do pull ups you couldn't do that in a week either. The best you can do at this point is run a timed mile every day this week and then take a day off before to rest well and do your best on test day. This will really only help you mentally prepare because you can't cram months of training into a week. It will give you an idea of how fast you can push yourself. A 15 minute mile is a walking pace so you should be able to push a little bit harder and get that time down a bit.

    • Also the side stitch cramps happen when you are out of shape. If you run regularly then they go away. You have to train your body. It's hard and uncomfortable at first but with a few weeks of consistently running every other day these cramps generally go away. Cramps are almost always a sign that you are doing more than what your body is trained to do. The more you run, the fewer cramps and the easier it gets. If you can push past that discomfort it gets much better. Work hard this week and do your best. Next year if you have same test start at least 6 weeks before the test if you want that faster time. The earlier you start the better. Good luck!