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Jul 17 at 11:32 AM

LIVESTRONG.COM's August 2019 Before & After Contest!

It's transformation time! Are you on a wellness journey and ready to share your results?

Enter LIVESTRONG.COM's August 2019 "Before and After" contest for a chance to win a $250 VISA gift card. We would love to hear about the fitness and nutritional changes you made, obstacles you overcame, weight loss or non-scale victories, what you are most proud of - we really want to know what inspired you to make this transformation! Did you use LIVESTRONG.COM or the MyPlate app on your journey?

To enter, please reply to this post and tell us about your journey. Your entry doesn't have to be long, five to ten sentences is plenty! And, of course, include both your "Before and After" photographs in your post.

PRIZE: One male and one female winner will be chosen, each winning a $250 VISA card! The contest ends Saturday, August 31, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Time. Please note that this contest is open to US residents 18 and older only. For more details and official rules please visit:

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      Aug 01 at 06:13 AM

      We are kicking off this month's contest!

      Who will be first to share their story of success?

    • Hello,

      My name is Cassandra and I have been on a fitness journey for a little over 2 years now.

      I was 23 years old struggling with my weight gain where I was abusing myself mentally and had lost all motivation for success. I am 5 ft 1/4 inches short and had weighed 149 lbs. One day, after going through an episode of telling myself and my husband how unhappy I was with myself, he responded that he loved me and I needed to make a change. The behaviors I was continuing to display was hurting the relationship we have and my lack of motivation and self control made his lose his attraction to me.

      That hit deep, and immediately I knew that whining about the way I was operating in my life wasn't going to make any physical changes. I HAD to step up, take responsibility, and change my habits. I researched all I could, started intermittent fasting and cut sugar and refined foods. I lost 20 pounds in 3 months. I then started training, along with eating healthy, whole foods. I lost 17 more pounds. Currently I am maintaining my body weight, building muscle, and am striving to be my best self no matter what. My confidence increased, I have ran 2 half marathons, and I have never felt better physically

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      Aug 07 at 08:15 AM

      Great job, Cassandra!

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      Aug 09 at 02:38 PM

      Great job, Cassandra! Be sure to include your "before" photo with your entry as well!

    • I joined MyPlate January 2019
      With the goal to lead a healthier lifestyle
      Didn't really have a plan but I knew I needed to track my diet and figure out how and why I had gained the weight I was carrying
      I am 53 yrs, 5'4" and was 168 lbs

      I have never had success trying to slim down previously, I just got lost in all the information and trends that seem to bombard the diet industry

      MyPlate helped me to be accountable and understand the nutritional value in what I was eating

      To date I have lost 35lbs and feel fabulous
      both physically and mentally
      I feel I finally understand nutrition and health

      Here are my before and after pics to date

      Summer 2018
      Summer 2019

    • The second pic didn't follow
      Summer 2019

    • I know I do not qualify for the contest being Canadian
      No worries I feel I have already wonsmile

      This is actually my most recent pic


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      Aug 11 at 07:46 PM

      Excellent job!

      Keep it up!

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      Aug 17 at 10:04 AM

      Who is up next to share their story?

    • Fantastic! Congratulations!

    • My fitness journey took me to a destination that wasn't even on my radar. At the age of 29, my doctor told me my cholesterol was embarrassing (my word, not hers), my blood pressure was an indicator that I was going to die soon (my words again), my liver had become fatty and I was pre-diabetic. At my highest weight of 305, I was at my lowest emotional state.

      My doctor suggested I follow the Mediterranean Diet but I hated it mere moments after buying a cookbook on the subject. Despite not knowing anything about nutrition at the time, I knew enough to understand that real change comes from sustainable habits, not crash diets.

      I spent the next year trying to eat better. I love to cook so I used this opportunity to challenge myself to find ways of enjoying foods I knew were good for me but I never liked. I started tagging along with a friend to a Spin class and started Couch-to-5k with the intention of running my first 5k before my 30th birthday.

      My first 5k was the Hot-to-Trot Thanksgiving Day 5k in Knoxville -- less than two weeks before my birthday! The next day (Black Friday) I found TITLE Boxing Club and started my journey training as a boxer.

      I was a member for a year, by which point I had lost about 80 pounds. I decided to start helping other people achieve the same success that I had and became a boxing group trainer for several months before pursuing my personal trainer certification through NASM.

      Four years later, I'm a board-certified personal trainer with a nutrition specialization, a growing list of clients who are seeing continue success, have been promoted to Director of my gym and have recently been nominated as Best Personal Trainer in a city-wide poll.

      My weight has fluctuated but ultimately I've lost 100 pounds and my body fat percentage is down to 14%. Who would've thought?

    • I was overweight my entire life, and thought that i was just "big-boned" and would be destined to be overweight my entire life. In reality, I was an obese 15 year old, who tipped the scales at 310 pounds. I completely changed my life around and lost 135 pounds in 18 months. I wish that MyPlate existed back then, because I did it the old fashioned way, tracking my food with a scale, measuring cup, and writing it all down. 20 years later, I have maintained my body, but it's always going to be a struggle. Having MyPlate has allowed me to track my nutritional goals in such an easy and fast manner. Without MyPlate, I would no longer have the time to track my goals and nutrition on a daily basis. Even though it's been 20 years since my initial weight loss, I still continue to monitor myself, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

    • If anyone would like to discuss my weight loss journey, in more detail, please reach me at Instagram under "jaycote" I can share my tips as to how to maintain your new, healthy figure, for many years, and not gain the weight back.

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      Aug 21 at 10:14 AM

      Great work Jason & Justin!

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      Aug 25 at 03:24 PM

      We are entering the final week of this month's contest. Let's get those entries in for a chance to win!

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      Aug 26 at 04:47 AM

      6 days left to enter the contest for this month!

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      Aug 27 at 03:06 AM

      5 days left!

    • In January of 2014 I weighed 233 pounds. I was a miserable person and everything seemed hard, from exercise to school work. My dad was having serious heart problems and I couldn't rightfully lecture him about his unhealthy habits when I knew mine weren't any better- so I changed mine. Through 2016, my progress was slow. I got into yoga first and worked on my mental well being, which opened up space for me to improve my physical well being. By 2015 I was out of the 200's, primarily through a change of diet and a better understanding of how my body reacts to certain foods. In 2016, I met a friend and personal trainer who encouraged me to push myself beyond the mental barriers I had always had in place. As of this week I'm down to 175 pounds! I track most meals, or if nothing else, eat mindfully. I love to exercise and inspire others to find something they enjoy. I'm so thankful for the help and encouragement I've received along the way. But mostly I'm really proud of myself for never giving up because your friends can push you, but in the end YOU have to do the work. I hope everyone can find satisfaction in living a healthy lifestyle- it's so rewarding.

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      Aug 27 at 07:52 AM

      Excellent job, emrollin!

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      Aug 27 at 10:48 AM

      318 lbs to 175 lbs