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Diary of My Quit

Day 24.....

I thought it would be neat to have a "diary" of my quit that I can update pretty regularly. That way I can always read through it. Maybe it will also help others. You know, because believe me I am rambler. wink

I really think I have the addiction to nicotine beat. I don't crave it or want it. It's the taking the few minutes to relax and unwind that is/was the hardest for me. I don't think I was as addicted to the nicotine as I was the ritual. After 17ish years of smoking, the ingrained ritual was the tough nut to crack. I always felt it helped with my ADHD and anxiety. So now I'm left with all this mental baggage that I have to actually deal with instead of burying it under a cloud of smoke. That's the hard part for me. Intense exercise is helping though I have taken up swimming and jogging.

But in general this time it has been fairly easy even cold turkey. Well, no not easy, just WAY easier. Withdrawals have been very minimal.

I think it is because I was ready to quit this time. I've tried a million times and it was so so so hard. But this time I was truly ready. I think being ready is the first key to success with quitting. Because let's be real you have to want to quit more than you want to smoke. It carries you through the bad days!

    • I love it ❤️☝️

    • Nice analysis

    • Day 26....

      My husband is trying to quit now it is day 2 for him. Watching him struggle is reminding me why I need to never smoke again. Ever. Those torturous first days just suck. Truly they do.

      On the bright side, someone at his work was asking if he was okay this morning because he was rubbing his head and stuff before he got out of his truck. It ended up being someone who quit 9 years ago who was also telling him it does gets easier. Maybe that helped, someone besides me telling him. He is the most calmest person I've ever met and to see him struggle mentally like this is really sad. He told me this morning he kept waking up wanting a cigarette. He's being a total drama king, and I'm just letting him haha. It is crazy how it can be so much harder for some than others. He keeps trying to tell me it's the chemicals messing with his head not the nicotine. He may be right partially, honestly except he thinks he's addicted to the chemicals only. Perhaps that is what makes smoking even more addicting than heroin. The chemicals + nicotine = deadly hard to beat addiction.

      A few more days and I'll be at a month! I can't believe I'm actually doing it this time.

    • That's soooo ✨AWESOME ✨
      I'm loving your journey.. thanks for sharing this. Then I wanted to tell you that your husband is absolutely correct it's the CHEMICALS eeeewwwwweeeee isn't it!!
      That's awesome that someone else offered encouragement outside the app!! I needed that too in the very beginning of my quit journey and I'm like 3 days behind you (I'm guessing because I can't switch over the my tracker because I'm typing.. LoL, it won't let me then I'll loose everything I wrote you.) I'm sooo proud of you for staying strong and holding onto your quit in spite of your husbands journey! You know what your doing✌️
      Please do keep sharing. I'm enjoying my journey with you we are in this together.. im literally right behind you in days❤️✌️
      Smile always ☺️
      Kristina ⛱☀️✨✨✨✨✨✨

    • Love the idea!! Keep it up!!

    • Ok so I'm on day 24❤️ COLD TURKEY ✌️
      Just so everyone knows it can be done ✅
      ☝️<< side note☝️

    • Yay 24 days you are right behind me!!

      We will keep on keepin' on. wink

    • Thanks for sharing! ❤️✌️

    • That's what I've been doing that for 2 1/2 yrs!! It reminds me of both good, bad days, Slips, cravings. Advice of others. What worked & didn't. Inspirational quotes.

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    • ♥️♥️♥️

    • Day 33.....

      I'm doing pretty good this week. No big issues. You guys that are in the first few days just know it DOES get easier. In the very beginning It feels like time slows and you'll never not think of smoking but there will be a turning point!!

      The only time that smoking pops in my head is every now and then my brain will think wow a cigarette would be nice right now. But it's not a craving. It's nothing that lasts long. Just a few seconds really. It's not every day. But even still it keeps me on my toes and reminds me that I can never take a puff, ever.

    • Day 41,

      Well still doing pretty great except for my ADHD symptoms worsening. I'm going to start drinking coffee again for a stimulant. I haven't had caffeine in about 4 years now. I use to couldn't survive without it and never drank much of anything else. So I quit it. I wouldn't have made it through college without it. I recently learned it's like self medicating for people like me. I don't take prescription stimulates for my ADHD so I think nicotine really helped that front. Helped me focus and calm my mind, etc. And only that front....but I refuse to smoke. Will go the caffeine stimulate route and if that doesn't calm me then perhaps I'll look into getting medicated. I'm really not wanting to go the Adderall route because of the side effects. Sigh.

      As far as cravings? I don't really have them anymore still so that's a plus. Just wish my brain could cooperate haha. When I was a kid it much MUCH worse. But I have it pretty bad as adult. It sucks but such is life.

    • Girl I'm giving you a round ⭕️ of applause‼️ Soooo many many people take the easy way out by popping a pill but your actually trying to survive without the pills and I commend you for that. Keep close to your doctor and let them know EVERYTHING.. you quit smoking because they can help you but do a little homework before you take any prescribed medicine because there's always a side effect. Get involved in sports to Exert that extra energy!! I'm just so darn proud of you and I'll support whatever decision you make.
      Your quit, Your rules
      Hang tight!!!
      Love ya sis ❤️
      Smile always ☺️

    • Oops I forgot the "R" in the word your. ☺️

    • Thanks girl!!! I know the medicine has pretty bad side effects so I try dealing with it in other ways. I also try limiting sugar but yikes I love it lol!!

      Hope you have a good weekend!!! wink

    • Be careful of the amount of caffeine you ingest. When you stop smoking, you feel the effects of caffeine more because the nicotine metabolized the caffeine faster. If you quit without reducing your caffeine intake, you will have higher levels of caffeine in your body which can make you feel restless, irritable and sleepless.

      And don't forget that caffeine is in more than just coffee and tea . . . energy drinks, some soft drinks, snack foods, ice cream, chocolate, OTC pain relievers, breath fresheners and mints . . . a lot more food and beverages than you might think.

    • Thanks for the support!! But my body is super weird caffeine does the opposite to me. Calms me and makes me sleepy. I just quit it because I was relying on it too much. But I've decided better that than smoking!! wink

    • That's awesome! Definitely the motivation I needed. This is my third quit and I keep going back and forth with myself giving me another reason to go out and have a smoke and keep giving myself "just one more". I definitely feel ready this time!

    • Omg its hard, its so hard its so hard, 14hrs how i cant sleep im shaking n i need a cigarette