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Has anyone given up booze totally? Or any advice on drinking during the program. It's summer

    • A couple things to consider:

      * Booze is empty calories...what that means is very little to nil nutrients provided for the calories you take in.
      * The body has trouble burning fat while it is dealing with alcohol. Alcohol takes precedence over the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate, and fat.

      With that said, I enjoyed adult bevy's while I was on my weight loss journey and still do today. This is what worked for me.

      * Plan your drinks - what types and how many and stick with it.
      * Work the drinks into your overall plan for that day and again stick with it.
      * Choose lower calorie / lower sugar drinks - Michalob Ultra, Use diet soda for mix i.e. rum & diet coke, rye & diet ginger ale Club Soda is another 0 carb/calorie option. Keep away from the fruity, girly drinks as they are usually loaded with sugar....go red wine instead.
      * Consider alcohol as you do treats and keep it that way.

    • good advice scum_frog... i have more or less kicked the ale and lagers i LOVE but i do have white wine as a daily treat and count it into the calories

    • Titos vodka/water/lemon slice with any flavor Mio drops added..

    • ive been drinking a lot lately, more then i should, but im drinking more for the wrong reasons. im drinking to try and get out of the pain im in. not saying its ok but piss poor excuse. i just keep it limited. just enough to make the pain more tollerable then anything