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trading addictions

During my first year of sobriety I seemed to replace alcohol "sugar" with actual sugar and gained over 30 pounds. My second year of sobriety I have managed to lose 25 of those pounds through diet/exercise but still find myself struggling with a sugar addition.
Has anyone had this problem and found a successful way to overcome the swap of addictions? AA keeps me sober, should I apply those same principles for sugar? Any advice welcome.

    • What worked for you for alcohol will work for other issues as well.

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      Aug 12 at 05:56 AM

      In my first year of sobriety, I also experienced an excess craving for sugar. This is very common for most alcoholics. once sober, we must replace the "alcohol sugars" as you described.
      At the time I was a jogger, so I at excessive amount of fruits to satisfy my craving for sugar. After 30 years of sobriety, I still have cravings for sugar. I eat two large apples throughout the day by cutting them into small pieces to keep in my fridge. I also eat two oranges. This helps to reduce my cravings for sugars that are not healthy.
      Good luck and keep up the good work. Being free from alcohol is the best thing that ever happened to me!

    • After two weeks of no alcohol, sugar or cigarettes I'm just sitting here depressed and wondering should I go out for a pavlova. I know I should exercise but I'm sick of being 'good'. I'm used to getting out of my own head by ingesting some substance or other.
      Sorry I don't have any answers. Only empathy.

    • And I don't know why I feel so angry and trapped at the thought of eating even one more healthy meal. There are people and animals who are starving and that's all they want in the whole world. Humans are so perverted.

    • PS sorry guys, rant over. Off for some healthy food and a big walk. Exercise and fresh air are the answer I reckon. Gives you the dopamine you're pining for.

    • You're doing a kick-ass job Selz! Hang in there, from one perv to anothersmile