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Does this get easier?

I'm 7 days into my quit. I'm more tearful and feeling so very depressed today. I'm ashamed that nicotine and cigarettes have this much power over me.

I'm hoping and praying this gets easier soon. Fear of failure and letting my family down are the only thing keeping me from smoking right now.

    • It does get better! The only way to make the cravings stop is to not smoke.

      I'm on Day 70 and it is MUCH easier than it was in the first few weeks.

      Hang in there, you CAN do this

    • Don't you realise you are free, nicotine completely gets out of your system 24-48 hours,
      All you have now is the mental addiction, try Allen Carr or Jason vale apps to help with this side of addiction, but just celebrate you are free

    • OK so let's try a couple things. First, when you get s craving, take a couple deep breaths slowly. Tell yourself you are a non smoker, you don't want a cigarette and move on. You could also put a large rubber band around your wrist and snap it whenever you have s craving. You really should read Allen Carr's Easy Way to Quit ... And exercise!!!! Walk, run, do yoga ... whatever works for you. But exercise and tons of water should help.

      You CAN do this. After all, you've already made the choice to be a non smoker!!! Stay strong!

    • Congratulations on one week! YES IT DOES GET BETTER!

      Of course it takes time. Don't forget to reward yourself and to continue learning about the negative effects of nicotine. It helps you stay focused.

      Keep up the great work.

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      Aug 19 at 02:12 AM

      It gets easier all the time! Just try and take it one moment at a time. Before you know it, you'll have a ton of time under your belt and you'll be able to look back and realize you are no longer struggling. You are doing awesome!!

    • Buy a cup w kid and straw. Add ice , lemon slices and water. Take everywhere. It will help. Also find other good habits like exercise. I choose yoga and bike riding. At the beginning of my quit I logged about 8 Miles a day. I now into pickle ball too! Could never have done any of this 786 days ago bcause all I could do was smoke. My family is happy and proud. You can do this. Also you might want to read Triggers. It really put my on a different path

    • Give it four weeks. You've got this. Remember if you kept feeling as terrible as you do now then no one would make it. People stick with it because it does get easier.

    • Thank you everyone!

    • Yes!! It absolutely gets easier!! smile it's just an illusion that it'll "never get better"- the addiction is trying any and everything to pull u back down. Don't put yourself through that week of hell again, always keep moving forward. Our bodies are made to adapt, and if u starve it of nicotine it will understand what you're doing and reassemble itself and release the addiction.... and right around 2 weeks was a bigger turning point, and then especially at 4 weeks. Your body just went through a detox, and is going to keep detoxing... you are tired, that is all. You need to input new thoughts and systems into your brain and your new life... embrace it all!! It is a huge catalyst for change, and you're just getting started! smile do u get how incredible a week a week free of cigs is??? You did aN AMAZING JOB!!! Pat yourself on the back, reward yourself, create positivity to counter the ups and downs of rebalancing and you WILL LEVEL OUT. Take some time for reflection and ask yourself what do you want in life....♥️ all the very best to u. We have all been through that week!

    • 100% does get easier. Embrace the hard times for a little bit. Remember why you're doing this! You've got it!

    • It gets easier I'm on day 8 and i still have massive cravings but once I told myself that I am not going to feed into the junkie mindset and I'm going to fight it got easier. " I can't do this because I'm not smoking or how will I deal with work since I'm not smoking ext ext. it is all drug addict thinking. Being smoke free even for this week has been the best 8 days of my life since before I started smoking. Don't give up. NOT ONE PUFF. Good luck !!!!!!!!

    • It does get easier and easier. It just takes time. Stay strong and keep patient and do whatever you need to do. Drink lots of water, exercise, puff on a straw, chew gum, sing and dance, cry, punch a it all if you need to and I'll see you on the other side where the grass is so much greener. ☘️ You can do this! I know you can.