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what should i do

my mom says that my weight should be 130 pounds. but would that be normal?
i'm a 15 year old student. my current weight is 145 pounds and my height is 5'7
first of all is the weight normal?
and do you have any special tips on how to lose weight as a student
thanks in advance wink

    • Hi! I'm probably the same age as your mom, but when I was your age I thought I was fat at 132 pounds and went to weight watchers summer camp for a month. I'm 5'4". After a month of learning about nutrition and doing exercises to build lean muscle, I lost about 8 pounds. My 18 year old guy neighbor/friend told me I was "too skinny". My point here is, we are all different and what we consider the right weight is going to vary... everyone has a different bone structure and body shape, plus the amount of fat/muscle also affects your weight. If you eat mostly healthy foods and do some kind of exercise (even if it's walking or doing leg lifts 4 days/week) so you have some muscle, you're probably just fine. Focus on healthy and being healthy, not a weight # and you're more likely to be where you're supposed to be...hope that all makes sense and helps!

    • Weight is really just a number. If you are generally healthy then nobody should be telling you how much you should weigh or that you should lose weight. If you want to eat healthy and be active do it for your mind and heart not for some numbers on a scale.

    • You are 15. You will start growing soon which will change your body. Keep moving, eat lots of protien with veggies (no butter, dip, or fried) and in time you will look nice. We used to call it "losing the baby fat". It's just part of growing up and can't be rushed. Don't worry about being 10-15 pounds heavy right now.

    • At 5'7 ; 145lbs and 15 you do not need to lose weight. You should still be seeing a Dr yearly that can give you the CORRECT information for you. Starting a "diet" to lose weight at this age can lead to years of bad habits. I suggest speaking to your Dr AND looking for healthy eating habits. Add whole foods and cut back on processed.

    • first off, I'm a 16 year old, 5'7, 130lb girl. you're at a perfectly healthy weight at your age and height but so am I. it's up to you if you'd like to lose weight. I disagree with stephanie on the years of bad habits thing personally. I started eating healthy last year because I wanted to be more comfortable in my body and start good habits young.

    • hopefully your mom isn't forcing you to lose weight) you could talk to her and say you want to start eating healthier. weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise so keep a healthy balance of both and whatever you do DONT STARVE YOURSELF. no fasting whatsoever. that will stick and be very difficult to quit. use the app as a guide for daily calories.

    • omg i just realized this is a post from 2019. welp what I said still applies for anyone in this same situation who might be reading this smile