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How does everyone account for recipes? Is there a way to build it and then track a certain serving size of that recipe? It's hard to break down each ingredient into the right portions for individually tracking!

    • jdm_taco has a Gold Membership
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      Sep 12 at 05:32 AM

      Hey Lindsay!

      There is a recipe creator tool on the desktop site that we are working to improve. At this time you will need to use the my meal feature on the app. It will allow you to bundle items together in one meal entry. To use this feature you will tap my meal after you select a meal period.

    • jennruth has a Gold Membership
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      Sep 14 at 06:23 PM

      I used the meals feature. logged all ingredients total and then portioned my meals and took a percentage of the total per meal. for example I make a while chicken chili. the whole recipe is 1.0 but a meal is 0.15