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doing things the right way

bit of a trigger warning, nothing graphic.

after years of disordered eating and going back and forth from underweight to overweight, overeating to under eating, i am finally going to do things the healthy way. i am 18, female, 163cm and 87kg (now down to 83!). when i was 13-15 i was starving myself and was very underweight. from 15-17 i was over eating but only started to really pile on the pounds when i developed chronic migraines and chronic pain and binge eating disorder at 17. im 18 now and trying to get my life on track and trying to better my mental and physical health. if you have any yummy recipes or good workouts for arms and your back, i would love to hear your suggestions. i want to get to 55-60kg. my 'fat clothes' are too tight and im starting to notice physical effects from my weight. i am finally ready to lose weight the right way and im not going to let myself spiral

    • I relate to your eating disorder history and am also trying to find a healthy place in the middle. Search for core strengthening workout circuts. I'd advice HIIT circuts.

      planks, russian twists, butterflies, donkey kicks and firehydrants are some of my favorites

    • you situation seems complicated and you are at risk of undereating while trying to lose weight.

      I suggest you speak with your doctor and try to get a recovery team to support you through this. Speak with your parents also.

      Your weightloss should be nice and easy (1-2lbs a week).Eating real food, plenty of protein, veggies, fruit, and healthy carbs. 1800 calories a day.
      Exercise 3 days a week if possible.