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day 3

Today's my focus will be gratitude. Let's make a list together. I'll start.....

Today I'm grateful to be alive

Your turn.

    • I'm grateful for the extra time with my family at the dinner table last night without the distraction of "when can I get outside to smoke" thoughts.

    • Yessss! That's a good one!

    • I am grateful to give hugs freely, not avoiding close contact because of the smell from cigarettes.

    • Yes! In the same vein, I don't have to wash my long hair everyday!

    • I'm grateful to be dealing with cravings vs quilt over smoking!

    • Oh yes, I do agree. The guilt really sucked,always feeling as tho I was weak, as tho I let my family down, making excuses for my cough, sinuses and respiratory problems, missing moments of my life to make room to feed the monster. Glad that is behind us.

    • I am grateful to be a positive non smoking influence in my grandchildren's lives. ❤️

    • I'm grateful for another day with my family, and taking back my health!

    • Ohhhh man..... ending day 3 with a big crave ! But NOPE! Kept my quit and now I'm grateful that I'm officially starting day 4! Good night peeps! Thank you for playing along with me. Here's to more days to be grateful!

    • Penance- today is the day to forgive yourself for smoking those harmful chemical sticks! Allow your body to heal and don't pay any attention to craves.. act like its not happening, ignore it because our focus today is "Forgiveness"
      Be grateful for new days.
      Smile always

    • I'm grateful I don't have to sneak off to smoke at home, and to not be a negative influence on my boyfriend's teen daughter. I'm grateful I don't have to wash my hands before bed or interrupt moments when I've gone too long without a smoke.

    • I'm grateful that I just made up my mind to quit and stayed true to myself!!
      Nobody will love you like yourself will love you, be grateful for the skin your in.

    • Went on a date last night with my husband and I'm grateful to not have kept him waiting while I smoked after dinner, before the movie after the movie!

    • Awe‼️I bet he was so happy he probably didn't know how to act! Beautiful beautiful story❤️✌️

    • He is very happy and proud! He has been incredibly patient with me. I have serious health issues and I know it was hard for him to comfort me and understand how I can I smoke even after a new stent put in my heart.

      Today I'm grateful for fellowship! While he never withdrew affection from me it did effect us. If not him , me also! The guilt thing would make me withdrawal! Or think he was mad at me even if he wasn't.

      I'm so very grateful for my man !

    • Grateful to be halfway through day 7. I know eventually I will stop counting day's but for now it helps! Today's gratitude goes to community! I woke up in a major battle for my sobriety! I recognize the trigger but I wanted to smoke bad! I reached out to my husband, kids, friends and my small group from church in a text asking for prayer!

      Humility in asking, admitting the need, being vulnerable to share is all apart of being in the light! It was almost an act of obedience to share my struggle outside of you guys! These people see me, can touch me, call me. It wasn't easy but good!

      This morning has been really tough and emotional but good!

      I'm grateful for community

    • I'm grateful for my best friend. She loves me and I love her. heart heart heart

    • Day 7 is quite an accomplishment!!!
      Congratulations to you and keep it up!

      Stay strong!!!

    • Frank!!!!! Oh man I was hoping you were still here. You might not know this but you were one of the most influential members who helped me last time I quit. For 2 whole years! I'm grateful for you friend and glad your still here!

    • Well, I'm not even nearly as active as I was before. I'm glad that I was a part of your success. And those 2 years are exactly as I call them. A success!!! Another reason to be grateful. A very very long time ago, I too had a little misstep, but that was before I met you and our family here. Since then, I've had a few scares and a few temptations but I always remembered this place and came back here to set myself straight.
      Always remember that!! This community helps us in our weakest of moments, but it's ultimately up to us. But you know all of this already. LoL!
      It's great to see you again and hope that all is well.

      Keep moving forward because there is nothing but troubles if you go back!!
      Much love and miss you guys!!
      heart heart heart