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I'm cheating

This is my 8th day, I'm strong as long as I stay home. I telework 3 days a week and the days I go in, I've bought a pack, smoked 1 and threw the pack out. Yesterday was the 3rd time but I didn't throw the pack out right away. My will power so sucks.

    • All you are doing is prolonging the agony as your body tries to detox. It takes about 3 days for the body to detox nicotine, every time you smoke you start the detox over and have to go through day 1 all over again. Commit 100% to your decision to quit and power through! Make a promise to yourself and stick to it. Try going a different route to work, change up your routine, leave all your money at home, do whatever you need to avoid buying that pack and having to start over! Believe in yourself, you CAN do this!!

    • Thank you❤️. I will use your advice.

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      Dec 08 at 07:48 AM

      Unfortunately you will have to leave your house at some point. The will power part gets easier the longer you go through this process. Try and not give in as it just prolongs the agony of the withdrawal process.