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These cravings!!!

I need as many tips as possible for how to curb cravings. I can deny them sometimes but ultimately either that day or the next I'll end up having a mini binge session. At this point I can't afford ANY treat calories just yet so what's a girl to do?!

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      Dec 13 at 02:48 AM

      Welcome tea83!

      Tell us a bit more and we can helps Are the cravings food specific or hunger in general?

      What is your age, height, and weight?

      How much do you typically eat a day?

    • Sugar is highly addictive and like any other addiction you need to stop eating it cold turkey and in my opinion that includes sugary fruits.

      For most of us it takes at least two weeks to get over the cravings. Every time you give in, you start the process all over again.

    • jdm_taco It's not super food specific. It's more so different tastes at different times. Sweet or salty and sometimes it's just the desire to eat. I've been a stress/emotional eater for years so sometimes I just want to eat. Often times I'm not even hungry. As bad as that sounds I don't eat a ton just too much to shed my lbs.

    • jdm_taco oh yeah I'm 36, 5'9, and 243.

    • Johnsonkg Yes I'm completely aware of how highly addictive sugar is I just still struggle. Usually though because of this I don't buy pastries, desserts, things of that nature but it's when I visit my mother, which I do often cause she helps with my youngest, that I lack discipline with HER kitchen, lol. Also using this app for only a couple days I've already noticed even if I hit my calorie goal for the day a vast majority of my eating is carb based. Pasta, peanut butter, cereal. It's when I overdo sweets that I then crave salt. I get the cold turkey thing tho... God give me the strength. lol

    • Have you noticed that when you eat a bunch of processed carbs, you get sugar cravings too? I did.

      I now monitor what and how much processed carbs I eat each day.

    • BTW - I made the decision to reduce sugar over the summer. Physically, the sugar cravings were gone in a couple of weeks. The mental aspect took a lot longer.

      I know longer mentally or physically crave sweets like I used to. You know what I had for dessert over Thanksgiving? No sugar added vanilla ice cream. Did not even cross my mind to have trifle, pecan or any other pie.

    • YES! It's definitely the mental aspect for me that has a lot to do with it. That's impressive with the ice cream, given all the holiday options. I gonna do my best to eliminate all that processed food too. Thank you so much.

    • It will get easier, I promise!