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Moderately active versus very active

How does My Plate use the "moderately active versus very active" information? And is it based on calorie burn?

    • No, it's based on your day job and steps.

      If you have a desk job, you would be sedentary no matter how much exercise you do.

      A teacher is probably lightly active

      A fed ex/UPS driver or construction worker would be moderately or very active.

    • interesting question. I am a stay at home mom of a 15month old boy. I do chores and play with my son. Would this be considered lightly active?

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      Nov 21 at 03:03 AM

      Good morning!

      I would choose lightly or moderately active. Here are the descriptions and examples below to help you determine your Activity Level.


      At work - You work in an office and spend most of your day sitting
      Career Examples: Secretary, College Student, Receptionist, etc...

      At home - You are working on the computer, reading, watching television, or just generally lounging around

      Lightly Active

      At work - You are up on your feet walking and moving around throughout the day, but you're not really increasing your heart rate
      Career Examples: Teacher, Car Salesperson, Museum Curator, etc...

      At home - You are continually alternating between running errands and sitting at home reading or writing

      Moderately Active

      At work - You are moving around most of the day, and sometimes you break a little sweat
      Career Examples: Landscaper, Stay at Home Parent, Mail Carrier, etc...

      At home - You are doing gardening, housework and cleaning for the majority of the day

      Very Active

      At work - Your job is labor intensive causing your heart rate to move up and down throughout the day
      Career Example: Professional Athlete, Waitress, Construction Worker, etc...

      At home - You never stop moving and are constantly moving and lifting heavy objects

    • thanks! that was very helpful!