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Why is it hard to not have that urge?

as I have stated I am not a drug free person but I'm working on staying sober bit by bit but I can't seem to figure out why I want to be high or drunk constantly it makes my family worried and my friends seem more distant but does anybody have any tips on how to quit or resisting that urge? I would love to take any advice givin

    • It's so hard because you body physically still has a dependency on them. Your brain misses that high and that's where the cravings come in. Just like people get caffeine headaches or just gotta have that cup of joe or just have to have the burger and fries when they're stressed, it takes awhile to decrease cravings. If it has been sometime for you it might also be due to stressors. If your old response was to turn to drugs when anxious, stressed, sad etc... you have to retrain your mind and body to crave something new to make you feel better. The trickiest part is finding something that is equally as gratifying and releases similar amounts of endorphins and dopamines the drugs did. Basically gotta find a new "healthy high". For some people it's, running or boxing. Often it is something high intensity like those 2 because of the amount of those happy chemicals they release into your system. Congrats on staying sober and remember to struggle with cravings means you are in a better place than your were when using because you are trying. Don't feel guilty for the craving feeling as it is a natural biological response

    • Try keeping your hands/mind busy.
      When you feel the urge to use/ drink:
      - color/draw/write
      - clean
      - bake
      - go for a walk/jog/bike
      - sit and think on why you have the urge, record it in a journal
      - call a friend
      - go for a drive
      - go get coffee instead

    • thank you all for the wonderful suggestions I have gotten and I'm proud to say that I'm 2 weeks sober ??

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      Oct 20 at 04:53 AM

      Congratulations!! I wholeheartedly agree with the tips already given. I would also add get a buddy if you can to do these things. A craving hits - call a friend and go do something. Acknowledging out loud that it is happening and then moving onto an activity with company can move the craving along.