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Sunday Daily Goals

October 18

Everyone is welcome to post your Goals for the day here with us !

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Oct 18 at 04:22 AM

      Good morning and super quote!

      I'm about to bring my sidekick for her walk down by the bay. Have a great day everyone!

    • Good Morning,

      I don't know what's up yet, but I feel good!

      I will check back later.

    • From MOWING to SNOWING without KNOWING is what's up here this morning! Crazy surprise!! The scale is also UP today...time to get SERIOUS folks! 10 lbs, here you GO!
      Will track, drink water, TRY to walk elliptical one handed, be in the present and stay UP for the day. Enjoy your Sunday everybody!

    • Good morning.
      Ioanna , your daily message speaks loud and clear to me and it is scary! I spend a lots of time not doing what I want and not living the life I want. Can I make the change? Or just roll along?

      On the positive side of my life, I am 1.1 lbs from goal. Weight has actually been secondary. Primary goal has been body fat % and BMI within health range. I may like to lose a bit more in measurements.

      Today I will
      Eat within calorie limit
      Drink water
      Exercise and walk

      Reality of the moment? Up for two hrs, eaten breakfast and falling asleep in the living room.

    • Great quote!

      Been working on building my best life for a while yet; it is a work in progress. Kinda like building the body I enjoy living in...

      No real plans today and I like it like that. We will go out to dinner later with family but otherwise I'm pretty free.

      I may try to go roller skating today if it doesn't rain. We shall see...

      Start or keto building that life you love.
      You only get one...

    • amalie225 has a Gold Membership
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      Oct 18 at 10:51 AM

      1/2 of today's goal was to get this monster out of my little house. Check. Secondly, moving the smaller love seat to the living room to free up space in guest & living rooms. Will post pics when phase 2 is done