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Hi, I'm 15, 5'7, and 115 pounds. Tips to gain weight? I do back/bicep,chest, tricep, and legs/shoulders. I been doing this for a while but maybe I'm not doing an effective workout?

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      Oct 18 at 01:05 PM

      Hey Brian!

      How much are you eating and sleeping daily?

      These two things play a huge role in growth.

    • I will add, forget the workout split and do three full body workouts a week focusing on compound movements:

      Squat: Day 1 5X5, Day 2 3X12, Day 3 3X8
      Romanian Deadlift: Day 1 5X5, Day 2 3X12, Day 3 3X8
      Bench Press: Day 1 3X8, Day 2 5X5, Day 3 3X12
      Row: Day 1 3X8 Day 2 5X5 Day 3 3X12
      Overhead Press: Day 1 3X12 Day 2 3X8, Day 3 5X5
      Chin Up: 3-4X AMRAP

      These are the mass makers.
      Adjust your weights depending on the day and focus on progressive overload in each of the three rep ranges
      Do this for 12 weeks. Take before and after photo.
      As Taco said, focus on good quality food and get your 7-8 hours or more sleep a night.

      If you feel compelled you can add some Barbell Curls, although your arms will get plenty of stimulation with the above.

    • Get a good protein shake have atleast 1 a day

    • I ran out of my whey protein so for now I am trying to look some up online without the powder. I will try the full body workouts. Also, I'm not sure how much exactly I eat a day. I'm going to start counting calories again.

    • 2 tacos I usually get around 8 hours of sleep.

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      Oct 20 at 09:27 AM

      Here are some great sources of protein...

    • That is probably because you aren't eating enough protein.

    • During that workout you recommended I think I have been doing it wrong. Is it for example, 3 sets of 12 or 12 sets of 3. I have been doing like 3 sets of 12, but I saw a sentence I must have skipped that says 3-4 rep rang but none of them have that unless I've been doing it wrong.

    • Just be built different bro

    • The rep ranges are 5x5, 3x8 and 3x12 alternated throughout the 3 workouts with the exception of
      the 3 to 4 sets is for chin ups depending on how many you can do before you fail out. At first you may only get 2 or even just 1 set in for chin ups.

      With this routine you will master these basic moves by doing them 3 days a week. But each workout day you will work a different rep range to make your
      muscles grow as well as add variety. Example on Day 1 you work the legs heavy with the 5 sets of 5. Chest and back get worked with Medium weight and rep range with 3X8. Overhead press is light with more reps with 3X12. Do as many chin ups as you can.
      Day 2 your legs will be hit with lighter weight but more reps per set with 3X12. Chest and back go heavy with the 5X5. Overhead press is medium with 3X8. Do as many Chin ups as you can.
      Day 3 your legs get worked with medium weight and medium rep ranges with 3x8. Chest and back is light with 3x12. Overhead press is heavy with 5x5. Again chin ups do as many as you can.

      Hope that helps.

    • Yes it helps a lot. Thank you.