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help me

help me please. i ate 900+ calories today and i feel extremely guilty about it. i normally eat around 400-500. not only it was 900+ calories, those calories came from me eating chinese take out and from bubble tea. i feel extremely guilty about what i ate and the amount of calories. please help me what should i do?

    • Hi! Do you eat around 400 calories everyday? Why so low? 900 calories is still a very low amount and nothing to feel guilty about !

    • hi I struggle with bulimia and a now how terafiing it is to eat unexpected caloris try to call me down and forgive youself maby do some gentle exercise like yoga don't do everything to interested tho because it mite rase cortisol levels that make you stress and hugry with and burn some of the caloris

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      Oct 18 at 02:18 PM


      Are you aware that your intake is very low and dangerous?

      Would you reconsider your goal and eat a healthy amount of calories a day?

      We can better help if you provide your age, height, and weight.

      If you are struggling with a disorder it is best to seek advice of a professional. The National Eating Disorders Association has a wonderful website with a confidential helpline, message boards and a very supportive community that you might find very helpful:

      We encourage all users to embrace a healthy approach and do not support unhealthy behaviors. Please take a moment to review our community guidelines. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

    • Im not sure what advice you are looking for. You have been told on multiple posts how unhealthy your mentality and habits are. You are struggling with an eating disorder and need professional guidance to recover.

    • Hey, Love. It's going to be okay. ♥️ I can see that you're feeling stressed, and you might be feeling physically ill too if your body isn't used to what you ate. I want to reassure you that 900 calories will not impact your weight - it isn't even a third of a pound! Your body will easily utilize that energy in 24 hours just to function.
      Guilt is not something you should carry with you for nourishing yourself. Food is fuel and a calorie is just a measurement of energy. I encourage you to reframe your thinking a little, and enjoy food as a beautiful necessity smile
      I know how hard and complicated this feeling is. No one has the right to impose guilt on you for being healthy, even yourself.

    • An eight year old eats more in a day that you are. That is not healthy.

    • I'm not sure where you inferred "bashing". All we have said is that she needs help and should be eating a more reasonable amount.