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online studies during pandemic

Hi teens!

.....or even a u guys been doing? I am so sad that my big exam is around the corner but how should i study like this????? I have lots of homeworks and assigments but i am so done. Going to school is much better than online classes. hopefully the world gets better.

Stay safe everyone around the globe! frown(

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      Nov 19 at 06:42 PM

      Check our and make online flash cards, games like matching, and create tests for yourself.

      Good luck and take the time to learn effective study habits and become an independent learner. It's tough indeed, but this challenging time can present an opportunity for growth.

      You got this!

    • My grades have significantly declined due to focus problems during the pandemic. The one thing that has helped me this week was getting up before my parents (who are significant stressors to me) and knocking out two assignments. Just two. I wrote them down on a piece of paper and decorated it and put it on my desk and now I have two crossed out lines shining up at me, encouraging me to add more assignments and cross them out.