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Trying to stick to a meal plan

I am really worried that I won't be able to stick to the meal plan. My life is quite hectic. I have 9 kids still living in the home. 3 are out of school and working, 5 are "distance learning" which isn't going too well. I also have a 4 year old. My husband and I have just been diagnosed, him with type 2 diabetes and me pre diabetes. We also often depend on our local food pantry for our food. These items are not always the healthiest but we can't always go bury something better.

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      Dec 09 at 02:57 AM

      Hey Mary!

      We are glad to have you join us. You can try to stick to the plan as best you can and improvise where needed. Keep us posted on how you like the meals!

    • Stock up on healthy stuff and take fun healthy snacks with you. That way you dont have to be tempted.wink

    • Making things the night before when the kids are in bed is more convenient unless you are too tired.

    • There is a channel on YouTube where they do a food pantry haul and plan meals around it. I would look at some of those to maybe get an idea of what you can make. If you cant buy anything extra then you have to deal with what you have until you have other options. Maybe try to save some money for chicken and buy it at a Costco or somewhere with bulk and separate it into ziplock bags and try to make that a main part of some meals. Chicken is healthy and cheap.

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      Jan 13 at 08:46 PM

      I grew up in a household of 9 kids also so I hear your challenges. If you can get creative with lentils, they are a really good source of protein. The brown lentils are the best and a big bag goes a long way. I don't eat meat so I am always looking for a good source of protein. Edamame beans are high in protein as well. They are great just boiled with s&p