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Looking for diet tips & trick

hai everyone, I'm newbie here. I delivered my child on Aug. now want to get fit. I'm still breastfeeding and I have eat a lot of ice cream & cake as milk booster. thanks to that my weight over the chart. so anyone mind sharing tips how to lose weight & eat clean. I don't set big goal, not asking to lose weight faster. just want to keep healthy weight permanently

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      Dec 11 at 10:18 AM

      Welcome and congrats Alicia!

      The best first place to start is to shift your food choices away from processed foods in favor of wholesome items. Ones with less ingredients and packaging are a good sign.

      What types of foods do you enjoy?

      I like to shop the perimeter of the store. The majority of my cart is filled with items from produce, dairy, and meat section. I like to stick to simplicity. These basic tips will be useful...

      - limit sugar
      -limit processed foods
      - eat fresh when possible
      - eat plenty of veggies and some fruit

      Here are some device specific links to help make using the app easier....

    • This is tough because you want to keep producing milk I imagine... your goal should be restoring health after childbirth and not actual weight loss. I suggest keeping up your typical caloric intake with an added 500 calories for milk production. You may want to switch out your typical foods for superfoods and get rid of foods out of a bag or box or can. I suggest working on getting out of the house with the stroller to keep up physical activity for your mental well being and physical benefit. Once that baby finishes breastfeeding you can do whatever you need to to lose the weight or possibly risk losing milk production early by cutting your calories prematurely ( which may be indicated if you have comorbidities like diabetes or high blood pressure). Take care of both of you and it will come off in due time! Enjoy it and get the sleep you need when you can.. don't kick yourself for not going hard core yet.

    • I promise if you drink 12 eight ounce glasses of water a day tracking them in MyPlate, you will feel incredible! When I drink this amount of water I always feel more a balance and actually loose weight. Being properly hydrated encourages you to make more healthy food choices and helps regulate my appetite as well. My other tip is definitely eat your vegetables and make sure to fill half your plate with them! The Dietary Fiber is so filling and so Nutritious! I promise, once you start doing this even Red/Orange Bell Peppers will start to taste sweet like candy! Once you start cleaning up the diet of those processes sugars.... a new perspective will unfold....