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Dec 31 at 12:49 PM

What made/helped/inspired you to stop or cut back on drinking?

What made/helped/inspired/encouraged/motivated you to stop or cut back on drinking?

    • hello!

      I used to be a drinker nightly usually beer or wine. what helped me quit was realizing how I felt the next day. I experimented and didnt drink just to see the difference. I personally have to feel productive to be happy with myself and when I drank, I didnt feel productive the next day. I struggled with falling asleep for a while after quitting. I even tried melatonin but it made me so tired the next day. I had eventually found a night time routine that helped me through thia including breathing exercises while my eyes was closed. this is what worked for me.

    • That giving up temporary pleasureful impulses reaps more happiness and self respect than just saying one beer or one hit/justify some sort of addiction in anyway..

    • I haven't been interested in drinking much lately. I know it's not good for fitness, alcohol is a level one carcinogen right next to benzene and cigarettes and it's a depressant. My mood is already low so why make it worse.

      Someone in this community recommended This Naked Mind and I read the book last week. Really supported my beliefs of late. You were not bored at parties or stressed at the end of a long day before you started drinking. Drinking makes parties warm up faster, sure, but it is superficial at best and toxic at worst. Alcohol makes you want more alcohol. You only feel relief because your brain wants the alcohol. It doesn't make the party more fun, work less stressful or tomorrow more promising. So why drink?

      I went to a friend's house on Sunday and was served a glass of champagne before dinner and a glass of wine with dinner. I drank it because there was a tangible benefit: honoring my hostess. I also ate tripe to honor her! I'll likely have a glass of wine on Thursday when hosting a customer for happy hour - to build business for my failing resort. Again, there is a benefit.

      If there isn't a real obvious benefit, I just don't want to be in a regular relationship with alcohol.