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Jan 04 at 09:27 AM

1st Group Weigh In of 2021

WELCOME to a brand new shiny year FULL of opportunities for YOU to work on your goals smile

It's time for our FIRST group weigh in of 2021!
(REMEMBER: Your "weigh-in" can be how you've measured your success in ANY way - NOT just the scale wink )
Have you lost, maintained, or gained? Pounds/ inches? Total or since your last weigh-in? What are your goals AND are you on track to reach them? How are you FEELING compared to last week? Need some help/ feedback? Let's hear it!

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      Jan 06 at 08:29 AM

      Good morning!

      The 5 lb push didn't happen and it's alright. I started this journey 5 or 6 months ago weighing 232lbs. Now I weigh 215 with a goal of 160.

      I also lost a couple inches around my waist and had to order a slightly smaller work uniform.

      Gotta plateau to demolish!


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      Jan 06 at 12:09 PM

      I LOVE your attitude and your journey! You have made GREAT progress - keep it up!

    • July 2017 - 278
      December 2017 - 235

      July 2019 - 275
      January 2020 - 250

      August 2020 - 270
      December 2020 - 235

      1/4/2021 - 249
      Today - 242

      I'm ready to get off this roller coaster. I was appalled that I gained 14 pounds over the holidays but very happy part of it fell off quickly when I got back on track. We will see if the third time is the charm.

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      Jan 08 at 08:26 AM

      Elvis you're just continuing your journey, not re-starting wink It helps me when I look at it like that - it's a lifelong journey to improve my health, and progress isn't a straight line. You're doing SO well - keep it up!

    • hello!
      I'm a 32 year old female weighing in at 235 pounds. iv declined to continue tracking my weight on a scale and have opted to track my weight through my pants size. I'm not here to acquire a certain number, but rather trying to get healthy. last year I felt horrible with depression, tired constantly, and couldn't keep up with my 2 small children. iv began taking vitamins, counting calories (1200) daily, only drinking water, making sure to eat every 2-3 hours, aiming for a 60-30-90 fat-carb-protein macro, and slowly building up my stamina with exercises. I've started my 3rd week with my new lifestyle. so far I have found that I'm not starving all day, iv been focusing better, but my body hurts from exercising. I was doing strength training but have added cardio this week. I walked/jogged 2 miles yesterday and now I can barely walk. I would like to know how I could form a better exercise routine that dosnt make me feel like I want to die. I love reading everyone's post and I wish you all the best on your journeys!

    • Hi, Music!

      Good for you, deciding to make a change for the better!

      I started at age 48 and I weighed 240 pounds. Walking for 20 minutes felt like FOREVER and yes, I thought I might die...

      I realized I needed to start small. I focused on cardio at first (not knowing anything about strength training at that time). I did 6 minutes, using small water bottles as hand weights. I worked out every day before breakfast. I continued to walk 20 minutes daily...

      As I got stronger (and felt less like I might die!), I added on. Minute by minute, I got stronger and smarter about what worked for me.

      Don't forget your warm up/cool down. It really IS important. Also, drink plenty of water. It matters.

      Recognize that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change. I haven't added anything (exercise-wise) that I don't think I can do long term. I still workout daily before breakfast, but now it's 45-60 minutes or more of basic cardio, HIIT or working with weights. I walk 4-5 miles a day as well...

      I went from 240 to 147 and I'll be 51 in two months. I've never been more healthy or felt so good.

      It can be done.
      You can do it.
      I believe in you.