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1. What day/month/year of your quit journey are you on?

2. How are you feeling about your quit today?

3. Something (anything, doesn't have to be quit related) that you're grateful for

    • Let's see - it's day 156.

      I'm committed but it's been bumpy. I've started a new job and feel really overwhelmed and have missed the ability to step away for a smoke. Plus, so much to do (new job, find a new place to live, pack, obsessively watch news, etc.) and my mind feels unfocused. Nevertheless, the thought of not breaking this streak really keeps me motivated.

      I'm grateful for my new job. And that I will be leaving the South and moving to a city after being in a very rural location. And when he's not making me crazy, I am grateful for the pandemic kitten.

    • Aww, Lisa, I hope you are coping with all of life's changes. Rooting for you always.

      1. I quit the 4th day of August in the year 2015. This makes me 1,990 days free.

      2. You know?? Believe it or not I actually thought about smoking the other day when I stopped to talk with my neighbor. Not that I wanted one. Not that I craved it. The thought of smoking is so far behind me that it's not even present in my mind for more than a fraction of a moment. It may happen once or twice a year that I think about it. Usually happens when I smell it. And it's just that....just a thought. What do I think about when it happens? It's more like a memory. I remember what it was like when I smoked. Not a good memory and I don't linger on it. And then I think of how much I hated the smell of it.

      And then just like that. The thought is gone.

      3. I am grateful for my friend. She keeps me grounded.

    • Wow!! Thank you for sharing!! You two are kicking cigarettes' ass.

      Today is day 11

      Today I'm feeling proud, and didn't think about smoking too much, I also didn't think I'd make it this far. I'm sleeping better, and headaches are mostly gone. I feel somewhat alone in this journey, many of my friends don't believe I can successfully quit. I've said I'm going to quit so many times that they think it's the same old fallacy. I've learned that only I can make myself quit, and at the end of the day all I've got are my own motivations and my own belief in myself. I miss smoking. I miss the temporary calm it would bring me. Dealing with the loss in habit is what's been the hardest for me recently (as expected). It feels like, what the hell do I even do if I go to the park, if I'm really pissed, or anxious. I'm proud of myself for making this change in my lifestyle so early, while I feel like I still can (I'm 18 and started at 14).

      I'm grateful for the wind and the way it makes trees, leaves, and grass sway, and the way in which this calms me down and brings me back to the present.

    • Oh well.. we all keep up and stay strong even thought sometimes it seems tough..
      I am on 355th day.. 10 days shy of a year
      Honestly, I even forgot how it is to smoke. At the beginning I was trying to avoid people who smoke so I won't get triggered and now I am moving in with the guy who smokes. I don't even think to smoke one. Whenever I drink I don't want cigarettes either. Lots of things have changed. I don't think I have physical or mental addiction anymore it's just the memory of the "friend" you used to spend time good and bad.. boredom and all this 2020-2021 year.
      Good luck to everyone. There's always a light in the end of the tunnel ❤️

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      Jan 15 at 03:29 AM

      10 years 15 days quit as of today. I am solid in my quit. It has been many many years since a crave. Smoke smells so bad to me now that I cannot even believe I thought I liked it. I am grateful for the freedom and time I gained by leaving smoking in the rear view!

    • Day 94 here.
      Feeling awesome about my quit but I still get irritable when I'm feeling emotional and don't know what to do with myself. I have developed soo many new and healthy coping mechanisms though and am learning soo much about my needs in this process. I barely think about smoking for the most part and find it hard to believe that I use to be a daily smoker for 20 years! Definitely feels more natural to be in this non smoker state lol. And I am so grateful to be working from home and still take care of my patients as a Registered Nurse during the pandemic!

    • First month, day 11 which happens to be my sons birthday.

      I feel very good about my quit. I will be honest, I've really struggled the past six months.

      I've been walking daily, at least 10K a day. Yesterday, I ran for 10 minutes within my walk.

      I'm extremely grateful for the job offer I received on Monday.

    • Thank you Frankie! ❤️

      And congrats on the job offer Don!

    • Day 709 - quit date 2/5/19

      Great! It was bumpy at first, but I made a decision to finally stick to it and I have! Do I think about it sometimes? Sure, but it's not a constant nagging voice.

      I am grateful for my Heath and family.

    • Day 15th
      Entering new chapter of my life smoke free. What a wonderful feeling
      Today -Grateful for sunny day, yummy meal I made, good laughter with my loved ones

    • Feb. 1.2018
      I feel so blessed! To be able to take a deep breath in. My skin glows, my clothes don't smell, I am not anticipating the moment I can have another cigarette, I have set healthy boundaries with my self and others.
      I am grateful I have been able to gain will and power over my life not allowing addiction to rule my mind or body.

    • I have 9 days left until I hit the QDC.
      I rarely even think about smoking. It's a joke at work when things are stressful and a coworker goes out fora smoke they'll have one for me and I'll have a breath of fresh air for them.
      I am most thankful that my husband quit a year after I did.

    • Today is day 198. I still get random urges and I get a bit surprised and wonder where that came from, I can usually go days without thinking about it.
      I'm grateful that I can breathe easier when walking up a hill, I don't have the chest pains any more when walking fast.
      Also that I have more money smile

    • Newbie here, I quit 2 weeks ago. I have a bit of momentum going now, but I still feel like I'm waiting for my next smoke break.

    • Today is yet another day 1 for me. I've quit in the past, but always go back. I struggle with drinking too, which is a huge trigger for my smoking. 2021 is the year I take back my health! I'm so grateful for the people in my life that give me strength to get through each day. I've got this!!

    • 3 years and counting December 16th 2017♥️actually smoking is not a option for me today ‼️therefore cravings no but not to say the mind will let it pop up but that thought passes ‼️So glad I am a XSMOKER that I am grateful ♥️♥️♥️