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shin splints/stress fracture

Yo, so this is the first time I've injured myself due to running. I've been fairly consistent for close to a year now, running 4-5 miles most days, up until a few weeks ago. At first I was in denial, forcing myself to run even though it hurt, thinking I was being a baby. I only made it worse. I ended up taking a break from running, and I'm so glad I did. My leg feels so much better then it did before. I'm still planning on giving myself a week or two more for recovery, just in case there are any noticeable changes. I miss running so much, and I can't wait to get back into it

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      Jan 21 at 07:07 PM


      I'm sorry to hear that. It's a bummer to have to be sidelined from an activity you love. It's a smart move to rest. Do you plan to get checked out by a physician?

    • Overuse injuries only get worse without rest. Ease back in and recurring pain is an indication you need to strengthen something (almost always the hips but also core and calves). Strength training and yoga are excellent ways to keep injury at bay long term.

    • Im a distance runner too, and I've had shin splints all season but after a race two weeks ago my right shin has been terribly painful. I've been resting for the last two weeks and I still feel pain when I walk, not that bad, but walking a lot or any form of exercise activated the pain. I'm not sure if I should go in for an XRay because they are really expensive, but I also want to start up running again because I know I can work through shin splints like I did in cross country. How can I tell if it's more than shin splints, like a stress fracture?

    • When I struggle with shin splints, I put on a flotation belt and aquajog for an active recovery

    • Rest rest rest. The only definitive way to tell the difference though will be through an X-ray I would image.