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Feb 21 at 03:13 PM

small stepssmile

Hey everyone,
It's holiday where I am and I was really excited to dance a lot. It is my new form of favourite exercise as I stay away from home studying and come back during some weekends and holidays. Well I had an injury last year and had to fix it alongside hormonal issues so I stopped ALL exercise and ate 2000-4000+ calories and didn't track at all. All got fixed and my doctor told me I could exercise again... Mind you I felt exhausted and lethargic without exercise and have gained (needed) weight of 20kgs (but in the form of a belly and fat) for my muscle recovery and hormonal issues ... I was excited to feel my blood rush and endorphins invade my body. So for the past 6 weeks I have been exercising and have lost 6 kgs roughly. When I realised I was like.. Holy cow I lost 6 KG?! But because I was an athlete at a lower weight and have never experienced this much of a weight before I got injured with light shin splints due to dancing ... so from tomorrow I'll have to do home "walking workouts" with my calisthenics instead of dance. I'm bummed but at the same time grateful to move and HOLY COW.. I lost 6 kgssmile) I feel and look so much better smile have a good day y'all. This long message was just to show that despite frustration this Is about adaptation and small goals. In 6 more weeks I hope to lose as much weight and then 6 more to reach the first layer of my healthy /normal weight.