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explaining to my grandmother

Hey everybody. I was trying to explain to my grandmother that as a female teen I shouldn't be consuming under 1800 and she was pretty much telling me that I'm never going to lose weight by consuming that many calories and that "I'm not like other teenage girls" is she right? Or how can I explain it to her?

    • maybe try to find articles online to show her? is your grandmother in charge of your meals or a significant person in your life? if not, it may also just be best to not talk about how much you should/do eat with her.

      i searched up "teenage girls need over 1800 calories" and a bunch of articles popped up. good luck!!

    • Learning how to step back from confrontation in a conversation is a great skill. If this is really personal stuff, it may be even more difficult. Depending how frequently you see your Grandma, you can try different approaches.
      To back away from talking about how many calories you need or 'don't need' you could

      o plan a different topic to bring up if she says something about how 'that's too much for you'
      Maybe something like "I really like crunchy food like (cucumber or carrot) there are so many good things I can eat!!

      o practice phrases like, 'the new focus is on choices - choosing nutrient dense foods like apples over calorie dense foods like butter'. Or "well, I am trying to figure out for myself how to feel stronger and healthier, and think I can try this for a while"

      o or to change the topic, "I guess I will be lucky if I can stay healthy as long as you have - would you like to walk/listen to music/play a card game after our meal?"

      Sometimes trying to convince others to agree with your choices isn't a good use of time. YOU are in charge of what and how much you eat, not Gram or a friend, or whoever

    • Abby-no she isn't in charge of anything but she always says something when I see her. I'm close with my grandmother and I just didn't want her to think I was doing the wrong thing ya know?

      Fetty- thank you so much! I see my grandma often and she's always telling me about new recipes or new foods she tired maybe I can bring up new recipes iv tired as well!!

      Thank you both! I appreciate the time you took to respond. heart

    • Tiny, Grandma isn't going to change, so smile, nod and do what you planned. You're doing great so far. Don't doubt yourself...

    • Your grandmother is correct you need to burn a lot of calories when u eat 1800 calories. If you do that it will u take longer to lose weight unless u burn like 900 calories a day I recommend doing 1500 calories or 1458 calories so if you only do a 45 walk you should lose 10 pounds a month

    • hi Tiny. Your grandma is not right. The amount of calories you need are also based on your activity level. 1800 calories are for teens that are not active. I have my bachelor's in human nutrition and food science. I hope this chart from the academy of nutrition and dietetics helps.

    • Honestly the best route may just be to say "Okay grandma, let's talk about something else now." Literally every time. Eventually she will get bored of hearing it and won't bring it up.

    • TinyCitrus I get it girl ... I just realized today I may be vastly under eating and I'm only 17 and still live w my parents so I'm not quite sure how to fix it healthily? I'm so scared of overeating because I used to struggle with binge eating and tried to recover from it on my own but I also am so tired of being hungry and don't want to starve myself anymore ... I hope everything gets better and your grandma will soon understand ! It took my parents a while but if you stay committed to your point eventually she'll understand! heart

    • Hey tiny that's how old peoples is they set your mind n say wat they feel. My mom every single time see me ask me y I am so anoxia skinny. Lol I am not I have 2 babies I workout very hard to get my body the way it is . I picky wat I eat n wat I put in my body too . I weight n counted calories. I eat heathy n it makes me happy. You are old enough to know wat to put in your body n wat makes you happy. Just smile don't let it brother u

    • I explain to my mom I am getting older n I am always into fitness mom n having 2 babies do a lot to my body n it takes a lot for me to look this way. Working out is like a job to me n I can't eat whatever she give me when I come over .

    • wait, @snlemonpie, if 1800 is for non active teens and I'm 17 and moderately active then why is this app suggesting 1348... I know I want to lose weight but isn't that a little too low for my health? I'm 130 pounds...

    • Thank you everyone for the advice! Iv been busy so haven't been able to respond but I really appreciate it!!

    • Hmiller-this app is designed for adults and does not accommodate the additional calorie needs of teens. That's why the calorie goal is so low. Disregard this lower number.