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Apr 06 at 01:21 PM

Community Etiquette

Hello esteemed Community members. In addition to the official Community Guidelines ( we'd like to offer some general etiquette tips for engaging with the community.

1. Please make posts topical.

There are all sorts of communities across the internet. The primary focus of the community we are sharing here is to support and be supported by others striving to achieve their health goals. Posts should be related to this.

2. Please do not crosspost.

Please put your post on the message board that is most appropriate. Please do not put the same post on multiple message boards. Crossposting creates unnecessary clutter.

3. Please check to see if your MyPlate app question has already been addressed.

No one expects you to read every post on every message board. But if you have a question regarding an issue that others may be experiencing, quickly skim through the last several post titles before posting your question. This reduces clutter and helps to consolidate information about the issue. This really helps Admins when they are reporting issues to the development team.

Yes, I see the irony in my posting this on every board. lol