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Thursday Goals

Good morning!

Everyone is invited to share their goals for the day here. Please feel free to share something you are grateful for as well.

My goal today is to be happy. I plan to be focused and present and kind. I will enjoy spending the day with a good friend. We are going on a belated birthday jaunt to Shipshewana, an Amish community/destination she thinks I need to see. I will be open to whatever the day offers...

Spending time with friends is one of my happiness you know what yours are? Maybe take a few minutes to think about them. You could even make a list if that helps...recognizing what makes you happy helps you achieve the happiness you seek.

I am grateful my friend wants me to drive. I love her greatly but her driving is scary. More of a survival trigger-lol...

Be happy, my friends. ❤️

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Apr 08 at 04:24 AM

      I like those happy triggers and I have never though about it framed in that way. I like that a lot!

      Rain came in earlier than I liked and may have put a damper on the day, but sure ain't gonna stop me. Headed to the gym to knock it out here shortly. Have a great morning!

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Apr 08 at 04:24 AM

      Have a great time!

    • Love your attitude, Taco!

      No bad weather, just poor clothing options-lol.

      When I first saw that graphic, I knew I wanted to share it here. It really makes sense...

    • HAPPY Thurs everyone! Love that perspective kj! Coming off yet another root canal, that makes SIX for me, so I'm pretty sore today.( hopefully that will help me go easy on the eating end of it, which I really need to!) Working at our city library(my HAPPYplace) and hope to be of help to many today. HAPPY to hear all the springtime birds and see all the nightcrawlers on the street following rain. looks like a cloudy rainy day here so will be HAPPY to be inside! enjoy your day everyone!!

    • Happy Rex Manning day!!! (for those that know- lol)

      Today will be a good day. I will be busy at work, but that makes the day go faster. Again, my goal is to be strong-willed when it comes to the chocolates and cake at work. Someone had a piece yesterday so it's getting smaller! Haha

      Two of my subcontractors that are coming in today are just rays of sunshine. They are sisters and they are always so sweet and kind and funny. Even though I only see them for about 10 minutes, I look forward to every Thursday because of them smile

    • I would have posted earlier but had to look up Rex Manning! Learning new stuff is one of my happy triggers. I heard a term recently, emotional nutrition, that's a close cousin to what we're embracing. I am going out for a short fun shopping trip before showers come. Right now I'm enjoying a distant train whistle. Let's notice all the little blessings today, team!

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Apr 08 at 06:21 AM

      Haha I like that!

    • I had to look up Rex too. I guess I'll play my Nirvana Pandora stream today.

      I think it's a construction and yard work kind of day for me. My arm (2nd covid shot) feels much better today. So I'll be outdoors much of the day. It's not really aerobic exercise, but I think I burn a lot of calories sawing/nailing/drilling for 5-6 hours.

      I was out puttering in the yard a lot of yesterday too, and saw my first hummingbird of the season. So I've got to put out the feeder!! That was yesterday's happy trigger.

    • 2tacos has a Gold Membership
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      Apr 08 at 08:24 AM

      She ain't gonna waste a break in the rain!

    • Niffer, when I was still teaching school,I would just not bring treats and therefore it was easier not to allow myself to take other's. maybe you could play that mind game??

    • Xxxyy-6 root canals? Yikes. You're a pro...
      I love that the library is your happy place. I hope you enjoyed every moment of the day...

      Niffer-it's great when we see people at work who bring us joy; it doesn't happen often enough, but when it does, it makes the day brighter.

      Milesann-I like that term-emotional nutrition. Oftentimes we downplay our own feelings to make it easier for others, which I turn makes it harder on ourselves...

      LazyCycler-I'm glad your arm is better and you had no other unpleasant side effects. A hummingbird? You are so lucky. Get that feeder up soon.

      Taco-hah! She's no dumb bunny...