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no masks...

So, on Sunday my gym went to no masks if you are fully vaccinated...

But, they're not requiring proof. That makes me a little wary...

I gave folks LOTS of space.

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      Jun 09 at 07:34 PM

      Seems like all at my gym work to make it the same. It has been mask optional and mostly free for about 6 weeks.

    • I don't trust people here to be vaccinated. This state is in the bottom 5 in the country. Turns out that as soon as the pandemic hit everyone became experts in virology and immunology *eye roll emoji*

    • Wow, Taco…that seems overly optimistic to me. I still wear my mask in public places like stores and restaurants even though our guidelines have been lessened and I've been fully vaccinated for a while.

      I hear ya, Chrome…I trust ME, but I know there are a lot of folks out there who flouted the rules then and are probably still doing so.

      The gym I go to is based at a religious university where the community has been very supportive of COVID restrictions so I want to believe that the honor system there is working.

      It just feels so weird…

      I guess this is our new normal…for now at least.

    • ours gyms are still closed, but I believe they will still require masking at some level once they open in July. We've had various levels of masking during the pandemic... mask on all the time, mask on when you are resting between sets, mask on only when moving around the gym.

      Time will tell!

      I had an unexpected allergic reaction to the vaccine which is fine, but I may not get to be fully vaccinated which concerns me. I have an appointment with an allergist in 2 weeks to try to figure out my plan. I want the second dose because I want to not get or spread covid! And I want to travel smile

    • I'm sorry that happened, Merc! Hopefully your doc can figure something out so you can get the last shot.

    • Merc,!!! I was not going to get vaccinated but I was very much coerced into it and tomorrow I get the second one. The only reason I decided to it it because smallpox, polio, rubella, mumps and a bunch of other things were eradicated.
      I really do not do vaccinations I hope I made the right decision my doctors were imploring me to get it. But they don't know everything. My pets are not vaccinated except for the rabies and first boosters.
      I do not do medications except got the heart damage from chemo.
      I hope You are doing Great!

    • Sky one of the biggest reasons I got it was to add me as data to research for the efficacy of mRNA vaccines, as further development in this technology could eliminate not just pathogens, but also autoimmune disorders and cancer. It's a tremendous human achievement.

    • My gym just reopened recently but I haven't been back yet. And now it's double the price per month but I'm still thinking about it. I really need to use the machines again because at home workouts are not enough.

    • i think it's just a matter of what you personally are comfortable with.

      coming from a person who had covid and was affected by it i'm not too concerned about wearing a mask just because if i get sick i have a very low chance of actually having complications.

      now if someone has health issues and it's required for them to wear a mask i'm going to respect that.

      do whatever makes you comfortable and feel safe heart

    • Those mRNA vaccines do sound like they could be game changers.

      Melissa, that sucks. The different vaccines work differently enough, though, that maybe you can get a second dose from a different brand? Sounds like that's going to be standard for a lot of Canadians anyway.

    • My gym has two locations and was open with no mask mandate since April 10. We are all respectful of other's personal space and clean the equipment after every use. I haven't heard of anyone contracting the virus around here (in town) since February… and we're all going out and about just fine. This past winter I was jogging outside, in the park, with no mask on, and got some ugly looks from people around me. Although I ALWAYS avoided them and gave them space. I think it's a psychological thing by now… Also, requiring proof of vaccination to have the right to use the gym would seem a bit extreme to me. But that's just my opinion of course.

    • Same with my gym, not that people where waring a mask anyways when it was required. That's why I took a year off. Didn't want to risk the heart inflammation. But after being vaccinated I'm not to worried about it now that I'm vaccinated tho. Even tho I assume half the people their are not.

    • So all you guys believe in the scamdemic? Yikes. Stay home then.

    • jerry stop i'm gonna pee myself i'm laughing so hard

    • Ha. Yeah, my wife spends too much time on TikTok too.

      Just to set the record straight: 5G is not a mind control device, the earth is round, men have walked on the moon, Oswald killed Kennedy, Elvis is dead, and if you've ever been anal probed it wasn't by aliens.

      Cold fusion, however, is very real, and is being suppressed by a cabal of lizard people from their secret base deep under the Antarctic.

    • Seng of course the earth isn't flat. It's hollow.

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      The earth is hollow???

    • Obviously! It's where the lizard people that control everything live.

    • Gotcha!

      That makes perfect sense…