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Post baby

Hey all! Just signed up yesterday... wondering what people's experiences have been like. I had a baby 3 months ago and umm... I REALLY liked Oreos while pregnant ?? The baby weight just fell off with my last one but I'm 14 years older now so this may be a bit of a struggle. Oh and I really hate exercise. Really hate it. So if anyone wants to witness this hell bent, but slightly offputting trainwreck, here we go.

    • Welcome, Mojo!

      Congrats on your baby!

      Give yourself some time and grace. You did just create a whole new little human with your body…

      Eat real food-think from a farm, not a factory-in adequate amounts. If you are breastfeeding, that makes a difference and this app doesn't have a setting for that, so you will need to be aware of that you need more nutrition.

      I used to hate exercise as well, but I loved walking. It counts! If it is safe to do so, grab a stroller, strap in the baby and hit the sidewalks. It would be good for both of you.

      Eventually, your attitude about exercise may change; mine did when I started getting stronger and more healthy. I love exercise now.

      You can do this!

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      Jun 11 at 08:22 AM

      Welcome to the group and congrats on the new arrival! heart

      You CAN do this - but you have to choose to. This is something I told myself several times a day on my own journey. wink

      Start off with wokring on the basics: Make sure to properly track everything that passes your lips to hold yourself accountable (this is a BIG eye-opener and helps point out where you need to improve), make sure to get in SOME form of exercise 3 times a week (even just start with walking 30 mins), drink lots of water (I'm talking 10 glasses a day), and get plenty of sleep. These are the basic healthy habits that lead to a healthy body and life and they take time to master - give yourself that grace heart Then, once you're doing this well, increase your workouts (time, duration, intensity, frequency, etc), work on your nutrition more, etc - this journey is all about learning, growing, and progressing. Try to be a little better each day. That will add up to BIG results. You got this - go do it! :-D heart

    • Congrats mojo that sounds wonderful is it a boy or a girl
      Also eat lots of fruits and veggies that can help you and you new baby be healthy
      I love Oreos too they are my favorite

    • ooooo i'm just excited about the baby heart

    • Pistachio Oreos!!!!
      Oh yeah!!!! wink

    • Swimming and skydiving is the best!!!
      Oh and flying kites it's not like your really exercising but you are You just run around like a nut!!! Laugh and have fun!!!! wink
      I have 9 kites!!!!!
      Do it!!!
      P.S. Sleeping is My personal Favorite Exercise!!! wink

    • Omg y'all are so sweet! Thank you! Little boy... so that's makes 3 boys in this house-Pray for me! 4 if you include the husband ?? We are super duper blessed for sure. I'm definitely more into the running around looking goofy and laughing about it kind of exercise. Sounds really fun!

    • It is!!!!!! wink

      KITES!!!!!! wink

    • Hehe!!!! wink
      Fun is Fun!!!!!! wink

    • I want that kite!!!! Haha!!!
      I really want it!!!!! wink