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guys so i've tried to stop cutting for so long now and i just made my longest streak of 5 daysssss. been kinda stressed about the whole summer and short sleeves so i kinda used that as my inspiration to keep going. honestly the main reason is bc i haven't had my knife with me so i when i was upset i couldn't cut so ig that's good. anyone else have tips for managing the mental pain

    • Hi!

      Five days is great!

      My first suggestion is to talk to someone you trust. Just telling someone will ease a huge burden in your mind and they may have ways to support your efforts.

      I believe your healthful journey would be easier in the long run if you sought professional help but that may not be an option for you presently…but if it is, please do so sooner rather than later.

      I am not qualified to offer you any advice other than what I already have.

      I do know that you deserve to be happy and healthy. I do know that you are a strong individual for even making this post and I believe you want to be healthy.

      Know that you are worthy of good things.
      You are not alone.

      My very best to you!

    • thank you, i will think about it!

    • Yep summer is a tough time…. I have been 2 days clean so I still have fresh cuts so shorts and short sleeves are a no go but I know you can do this

    • em hey that's still good tho it's a start heart

    • I cut for many years, and haven't done it for 9 years.
      You CAN stay quit from it!
      It feels so great to wear whatever you want and not worry about people worrying or bothering you about your cuts.
      It helps me to remember that it is ok to feel bad sometimes. No need to punish yourself or anything like that.

      Thoughts and feelings can seem really big and overwhelming, but really they're like clouds, they're not solid. If you don't act on them, they can change shape and pass on.
      It's easier for difficult feelings to pass or change when you don't give yourself a physical reminder of them.

      I'm 30 years old, and I still get the urge sometimes. When I do, I make myself wait. I'll go for a walk and look for trees or flowers or dogs that I like. If I don't feel safe going outside, I'll sit still for awhile and think about why I want to do it, then try to come up with a healthier alternative.

    • Bro that's so good, I'm so proud of you! Keep going and don't let anyone tell you differently.

    • i broke my streak frown