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Jun 14 at 06:18 AM

New Shoe Time

I sure love getting new running shoes and I bet you do too!

Do you buy what looks best or is features and fit the guiding force?

Be sure to check out these reviews to buy the shoe that is best for your feet…

    • ASICS Gel.... I can run in them straight out of the box... love a new pair of trainers!!

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      Jun 15 at 07:53 AM

      Oh ya!

    • I just bought new shoes yesterday. They're my walking/daily shoes, but I have to buy running shoes for stabilizing my feet. They're Brooks Adrenaline and are not cheap! They wear out about every six months. It was obvious that they had stopped stabilizing when I put a new one on my right foot and had the old one on my left foot!

      My running shoes stay with my treadmill and only have 70 miles on them. I was getting back to running, then another injury hit (unrelated- broken finger). It hurt to even move the finger after surgery, let alone jostle it around. I'm hoping the treadmill shoes (Under Armor HOVR) will last until Christmas.

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      Jun 22 at 10:31 AM

      I hope so. Brooks make nice shoes and I think that may be my next pair.

      Enjoy the new HOVR sneaks!

    • I've gotten compliments on them twice already! They're the exact ones from the article you linked.

      Strangely, my knee and IT band hurt worse than before. Hopefully it's just because I'm not used to walking correctly yet again. They didn't hurt when I ran yesterday, which is weird.

    • I've been using New Balance for 40 yrs. I highly recommend them. I've always gone for the comfort and usually get around 350-400 miles out of a pair.