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Older Women??

Looking for older women going through menopause. It is just harder than when I was younger. Anyone else feel that way? Need help and ideas on getting the scale to go downward.

    • Start with small changes like adding vegetables to your breakfast, yummy salads for lunch, lean proteins, etc. Find healthy swaps for foods you like or healthier ways to prepare them. Eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods.
      You can do this!
      I am 54 and finally making myself, health, longevity a priority.

    • I'm about to hit 50 & starting to go thru hot flashes & sweating. It's just so un Uncomfortable I'm also, losing my eye sight so fast. Now, I can't even looked at my cell without my cheat readers but besides those few setbacks I'm feeling pretty good

    • I never had problem losing weight during and after menopause. I'm 66 now and lost 55 lbs and where I want to be weight wise. You have to log your foods and watch your portions. Exercise is very important too. Walking daily, weight lifting- I follow a lot of routines on YouTube for seniors. Doesn't have to be long workouts- 5-10 minutes or more if you can - but trying to incorporate into your life regularly. It can be done and your quality of life will really improve!

    • I'm starting this journey as well, and everything moves so much slower. The struggle is real!

    • I'm with you! 48 in peri-menopause and can't believe how different my body is! I wasn't ready for the physical appearance to change so much as I got older. Not to mention the mechanics of digestion and general physical function! Depression, anxiety, and chronic pain have been a constant struggle for me, but more do with these hormonal changes. Now that I have some of those issues managed, I'm Starting the Stronger challenge in hopes of getting healthier so I can decrease some of my medications and have a more active lifestyle.

    • Ack! I hear you! I've been overweight most of my life, turned 50 this year and cannot believe how fast 5 lbs goes on. And doesn't want to leaveā€¦I've read a couple of books that explain WHY that happens after menopause. Exercise, healthy food and cut back on alcohol is the cure apparently.

    • I'm 67 and I can't seem to loose anymore than 10 pounds, I'm stuck. I eat a low fat diet (for health reasons), exercise at least 5 days a week and drink plenty of water. Any suggestions?

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      May 24 at 07:41 AM

      I'm 56 but had full hysterectomy at 30 I have struggled with weight gain ever since..I now have type 2 diabetes I have have had the most success with weight loss this go around on medication it has HELPED GREATLY. Tis morning my sugar was 103 and its awesome it normally ran 230. I LOST 25 POUNDS IN 2 MONTHS. Sorry I'm just excited I made my first goal at 200 pounds.Hot flashes and all the menopause symptoms are still here but achieving my first goal makes it more bearable.

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      Jun 02 at 04:53 AM

      Watch redefining strength:menopause and weight loss on YouTube. Very informative

    • If your thyroid isn't functioning properly, it can be impossible to lose weight. Markers of insufficient thyroid include: you feel cold much of the time, the outer third of your eyebrows is sparse, skin is dry and flaky, and fingernails have ridges. I could not lose weight and went to my family doctor to test my thyroid and was told my thyroid tested within the normal range. I then went to a specialist who did more thorough testing and was told I did need thyroid medication. The prescription medicine balanced my thyroid and I was finally able to lose weight. And I felt a whole lot more energy. Having low thyroid and experiencing menopause at the same time was a nightmare for me.

    • Just turned 54. Gained 30lbs over the past 5yrs. It's such a struggle but I find that if I ride my bike for an hour every morning and do 200 sit ups, my whole outlook for the day is so positive. My son is 17 and is on a training program for sports so we are tracking our food together and it's so fun having accountability. I'm in a good place right now. Do you have someone at home that you can pair up with on your journey?
      Good luck. I feel your pain.