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Older Women??

Looking for older women going through menopause. It is just harder than when I was younger. Anyone else feel that way? Need help and ideas on getting the scale to go downward.

    • Start with small changes like adding vegetables to your breakfast, yummy salads for lunch, lean proteins, etc. Find healthy swaps for foods you like or healthier ways to prepare them. Eat whole foods as opposed to processed foods.
      You can do this!
      I am 54 and finally making myself, health, longevity a priority.

    • I'm about to hit 50 & starting to go thru hot flashes & sweating. It's just so un Uncomfortable I'm also, losing my eye sight so fast. Now, I can't even looked at my cell without my cheat readers but besides those few setbacks I'm feeling pretty good

    • I never had problem losing weight during and after menopause. I'm 66 now and lost 55 lbs and where I want to be weight wise. You have to log your foods and watch your portions. Exercise is very important too. Walking daily, weight lifting- I follow a lot of routines on YouTube for seniors. Doesn't have to be long workouts- 5-10 minutes or more if you can - but trying to incorporate into your life regularly. It can be done and your quality of life will really improve!