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I didn't see any results it's been 10 days I am 25 year old male 137lbs and I burn about 450 calorie every day and eat 1600 calorie but didn't see any results.please any motivational suggestions

    • Can you provide more info. How tall are you? Are you trying to gain or lose? What's your goal?

    • I am 65 inches tall

    • I am 65 inches tall

    • I want to lose weight my goal is 140lbs

    • Okay you said you're 137 lbs did you mean 147?

      Either way, 10 days really isn't such a long time. Give yourself some perspective. You're working hard, but how long did it take you to gain the weight you want to lose. It took more then 10 days. Be kind to yourself, and look at other things that you have accomplished aside from the number on the scale. (Which we know isn't the most accurate way to track your progress/ex: water retention- which you will have a lot of if you are working out hard-you're creating micro tearing in your muscles.)

      Tip: Track your body measurements and the way your clothing fits. I usually see it in my measurements and lose clothing before the scale drops.

      You have been rigorously exercising and tracking for 10 days straight. I bet you have gained new strength and muscle mass. Not to mention you're be accountable to yourself about what you put into your body.

      I personally know what you're going through though. I lose 3 lbs gain it and cycle until one day my body finally gets under that marker. But, the good news is I don't gain it back after that period of time. So, I try to just enjoy the ride and not only focus on my final destination. If you look at it like building a life style you realize that your slow progress is in reality going to be a lasting result.

      So, all that to say think about where you were and where you are now. Success is more than just a number on the scale. You got this. Tell yourself every day that you're one day healthier then yesterday.

    • thank you for motivating