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Healthy Eating in the Agenda

Hi all! Just starting out with this app and dieting. I'm 56 and 5'8" and currently 280lbs. I've been below 250 for a long time and just (since January) put on 39lbs out of the blue. No diet /exercise changes at all. I have gotten a few new diagnosis and have several surgeries coming up due to them. But starting this means the world to me as I refuse to be put under if I'm over 250lbs! So, any buddies or there wanna team up, keep each other accountable? I'm ready!

    • Hi,
      You can consider me as an accountability buddy as I need the same. I will be 55 in a few weeks. I am currently 228, down from 259. We can do this!!!

    • Great! We all need someone to keep us slogging through the mud of dieting, lol. I'm super ready to be healthier. I've had TERRIBLE eating habits my entire life, and have started eating mostly vegetables in the last 5 years or so. (Before, I only ate potatoes, corn, green beans, and sweet peas.) And was steadily losing until this January when I just started piling on the pounds. So far they're doing lots of tests, maybe thyroid or something. But I'm not giving up, no matter what. So I'm very excited to meet you, and can't wait to help each other along!

    • Hi !

      Count me in as well. I just started this APP 3 days ago and still learning my way around. I just turned 57 this month, 5'7", 256 lbs. Gained most of this being stuck working at home through COVID, menopausal as all get out, and had foot surgery 2 weeks ago. It's an uphill battle but I'm and cab always use extra support and would like to support others!!!

    • Good Sunday Morning All.

      Meemaw200 and LJ256
      We can do this!!!