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can't stay sober help.

Hey everyone I struggle with drinking and I am trying to stay sober any suggestions to help me quite

    • have you considered AA or other problems like that?

    • Pray. Make a list of priorities and stop making excuses. Get away from familiar "Friends" who drink drink drink and don't seek self improvement . Workout more. Get up earlier. Save money . To name a few

    • I really like the book This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. She also has a 30 day free program called the Alcohol Experiment. Look for the app. Can't say enough good things about it.

      *if you are having physical withdrawal symptoms or depression please see your doctor

    • Get away from everyone you hang around with that drinks!!! don't get stressed out, praying, meditation and yoga help tremendously.

    • "This Naked Mind" is amazing. Especially if you're someone like me who doesn't need god or religion.

    • Quitting isn't about quitting really, it's about finding things that you enjoy more than alcohol or feel more compelled to do than drink. What's something you loved doing as a kid?

    • I second seeking help from a doctor and counselor. As a nurse I think about you as I would any patient. You DON'T want stop drinking cold turkey without proper medications, and support from those that have your best interest at heart. An accountability partner or friend…someone who doesn't drink.
      I saw first hand my stepson have three seizures trying to stop cold turkey. He's been in the hospital 4-5 times.
      Love yourself enough to take action and obtain the resources to become sober. You are worth it!
      There are free resources and inexpensive medications in every town/city that has a clinic if you don't want you doctor to know.
      Everyone has a reason for drinking…a coping mechanism for loss in our lives. Dealing with the underlying cause will be a giant first step toward your healing and overall well-being.
      Be blessed

    • You can ask your Dr. about lorazepam it is basically alcohol in a pill form and can help you quit without devastating side effects.
      But you cannot drink at all.
      Nothing at all.

      It works but You can't drink with it.
      Talk to your Dr. about it. Just be honest with them I they will help you.
      I am sending you strength.
      You can do this.

    • Blessed is very right.
      You can't just quit alcohol without medical help it can cause seizures and even death.
      Take care darling.