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Question about Fatigue after Fitness

Hello! After working out in the afternoon (4-6ish) I feel super tired and want to go straight to bed. People with experience, is this normal for working out at that time? Could it be because I dont replenish enough calories? Or is it just the way the body recovers after a hard workout? I am getting 8 hours of sleep, so this afternoon sleepiness after working out is really killing my productivity.

It could just be afternoon sleepiness, but it feels correlated…. Let me know if you experience the same thing.

    • Oops, this may be the wrong location for this post, sorry! I'm new smile

    • Did you move this to a different place? If not, I'll bite. If you haven't been working out for a long time, I'd caution you first not to overdo it. If you're going from no exercise to 2 hours of exercise, that might be too big of a step.

      Does exercise make you tired? Sure.
      Does it make you sleepy? It might. When I exercise in the morning, it tends to wake me up. When I ride my bike a long distance on a hot day, it tends to make me sleepy unless I have kept hydrated and eaten something (if the ride is over 90 minutes long).

      Could it be because you haven't replenished calories? Possibly. Do you feel very weak and tired? How about mental clarity? If you've completely used up your available glucose, you will likely feel that way.

      Without more details, I can't be sure what to tell you.

      How long are you working out?
      What type of exercise are you doing?
      What is your calorie intake? How does it relate to what the MyPlate app suggests you should be eating?