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noom or loose it

Has anyone tried any of these apps? Are they very similar to this one? I don't feel like paying for a subscription. But I am lost and really struggling with my health. I don't know where to even start

    • Hi, I don't pay for this app and I've seen results! I just eat less calories and work out with YouTube videos. I lost 20 lbs since April. My body maintains at 2300 calories and I eat about 1300-1700 a day

    • They're basically the same but with a few fancy features that in my opinion are unnecessary. What are your goals? What's your current age, height, and weight?

    • Your mindsets is the biggest thing, find out what motivates you. What is your Why? Start somewhere and work from there.

    • It's better to join a health club like orange theory you will loose fat fast there

    • Thanks everyone. My goal is to loose weight and be healthy again. And also have a better relationship with food. I binge and have a unhealthy relationship with food. I am 220lbs, 5.1ft snd 32 year old female. I have had kids and gallbladder surgery. So I been really struggling.

    • I've tried Noom and didn't work for me. Great information but the coach thing failed for me.

    • Fabs, I think this app will work fine for you. Set your profile to "lose 1 pound per week". Get a food scale, some measuring cups, and measuring spoons and measure literally everything you eat or drink. Once you get some practice measuring and tracking, you'll see places where you can change your diet. Most people benefit from eating mostly whole, unprocessed foods. I eat meals that look like this and it works well for me.

    • My husband uses Noom and I use this app. They both have slightly different takes and work for different people. One thing I know he likes about Noom is the categorizing foods into red, orange and green based on how well it fills you up. That has been super helpful in fine tuning our diets and picking foods that help us stay fuller longer. For example, I switched putting chia seeds in my breakfst for more oatmeal, same calories but I stay full for upto 2 hours longer!

    • Oh! And the reason I like this app is because it is the only one I could find that lets me add a whole recipe and then specify how much of it I had. It's super convenient when you are making one dish for your whole family and then eat like 1/4th of it.

    • I believe one of the most important parts of gaining your optimal health is through mindset and education. What is your relationship with food? Why is it that way? How do we change that?
      I'm a health coach and have seen incredible results in very reasonable timeframes (10lbs a month predictably) that are lifelong. No one have to be an expert at nutrition to find that optimal health.

    • Thanks everyone again, I did WW before and lots 55lbs(10 years ago). I have gained it all back plus more. But during that time all I did was obsess over every single thing I ate. I have a good scale and all that. I just hope I don't go down that depressing obsessing cycle again. I am a big stress eater too. So hopefully I can manage this and be happy.

    • I always start a healthy diet is first to log and record all of the food that I am currently eating. I can eat anything I want as long as I log it.

      Then I start my healthy diet.