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7Months Sober

Another Month of Sobriety! Feeling motivated, excited for football, and happy. 7 months, that's over half a year!!! It feels good. Over this past month it had had its ups and downs. Positives…. My Softball Team Won State in the State of Idaho in our Division and got a free bid into the World Tournament which is pretty awesome! I'm in the midst of a custody battle with my x wife and it's stressful, brings up a lot of sore subjects and pokes at my heart , but with the support of my girlfriend ,Fam and friends and God!!! I'm gonna be okay. The Gym is going great I'm striving and pushing myself to new heights and extremes. Work is good for a 2 dollar raise!!! And besides finding out a coworker of mine has stage 4 cancer… prayers pls. Work is going well. Work gym sports … it's alot, but it makes sence to me and it's what I am passionate about.
Being sober is more than not drinking drugging or hurting oneself, it's dealing with the events that have occurred with a sober mind and putting in the work to heal. Instead of self medicating to "hide" the pain. It's tough, it hurts, it's uncomfortable, but believe me when I say it's tougher, hurts more and can kill you if you continue down the wrong paths… or to be at standstills… white knuckling sobriety… it's not easy, it's lonely at times, it's confusing… I pray and journal… workout and sports and surround myself with people who are motivated and want similar things as I do… It's a process and I'm Trusting God is working everything out even when I don't see it or can't feel it. To all those trying!!! Keep trying… much love all keep up the hard work!

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      Aug 24 at 05:14 AM

      That is terrific! Keep it up!

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      Aug 24 at 01:25 PM

      Congratulations Mac! This is a huge milestone. Thanks for sharing with us smile

    • What a great post! Thanks for checking in…

      These challenges you are facing are compounded by the added challenge of maintaining your sobriety…the fact that you are powering through is a testament to your strength and commitment.

      Good for you!

      There ARE better days ahead for you…

    • Mac this is a beautiful life you are living. When you're children are grownups, they will appreciate how you valued them so much to put this hard work in.

      Ups and downs is what life is. Glad you're still showing up, man

    • Just wanted to thank all of you for your feedback kind words and support over the months! It's been a teeter totter /Rollercoaster of a ride over the years … very humbling, lots of long sleepless nights, and I'm just really grateful that I'm still here. Very grateful for the opportunity to open my eyes to another day with confidence and hope! It's one thing to put the drugs and alcohol down and it's another thing to recover. To cope. To grow. To not fall back into old bad habits. I'm really putting in the work , and not just talking about it. I hope you all keep hope, keep trying, find your reason, know you are worth it, and your gonna be the one( besides God) to change yourself. How bad do you want it! You can and are in the right place right this second to do that! Keep going! Love and Respect

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      Oct 15 at 03:24 PM

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